9 Feta Appetizer Ideas

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Feta cheese is a sharp, salty cheese you can use as a base to create chef worthy appetizers that will impress your dinner party guests!

You can make bruschetta, toothpick watermelon bites, spinach dip, phyllo cups, and deviled eggs, using feta cheese as the key ingredient in these fancy appetizers.

Feta Appetizer recipe ideas

Watermelon Cups

Watermelon cups are circular appetizers filled with cucumbers and feta.

The cup portion of the watermelon is made by using a circular cookie cutter (I used a scone cutter since it has a handle on top – made it much easier!).

Cut the watermelon with the circular cookie cutter until you’ve made enough for your appetizer.

Next up, a melon baller is used to scoop the inside of the circle. A melon baller makes the inside a perfect circle, but if you don’t have one you can always use a spoon!

The watermelon cut from the center is diced into small pieces and placed in a bowl.

Cucumber cut into a similar sizing as the watermelon pieces and added to the bowl with the watermelon. Feta cheese is crumbed into the bowl to make the base of the filling.

A little red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper seasons the cucumber and watermelon. Mix them together and then spoon the filling back into the watermelon cups.

Top with a little more crumbled feta and it’s all finished.

Watermelon cups are the perfect addition to a summer BBQ.

Feta Appetizer recipe ideas

Whipped Feta with Roasted Strawberries

Whipped feta with roasted strawberries is a warm strawberry appetizer served with toasted crusty bread for dipping.

Diced strawberries are roasted in the oven with balsamic vinegar and honey until the juices are released from the strawberries.

In the meantime, feta is whipped in a food processor along with Greek yogurt, olive oil, and pepper.

To assemble, spread a thin layer of whipped feta on top of a slice of crusty bread, and top with roasted strawberries.

Garnish with thin strips of fresh basil leaves.

Avocado Mousse

Avocado mousse is a creamy, filling mousse you can use on top of crostini’s or crackers for a delicious appetizer.

Avocado mousse is made by blending the flesh of a few avocados, diced serrano peppers, spices and whipping cream in a food processor.

Avocado mousse is flavored with garlic, cilantro, lime juice, lime zest, salt, and sugar, making it the perfect base of a cracker for an appetizer.

Once the mousse has been pulsed together, it’s piped onto a crostini, and then a bit of crumbled feta is sprinkled on top of the mousse to finish it off.

Watermelon Bruschetta

Watermelon bruschetta has creamy undertones, mixed with refreshing watermelon and sweet balsamic reducion.

Watermelon bruschetta is made by whipping together feta cheese and ricotta cheese.

Baguette slices are toasted and then a layer of the whipped ricotta and feta cheese is spread on top.

Watermelon is cubed into small pieces, and placed on top of the creamy layer.

Add a little freshly chopped chives, basil leaves, and ground pepper to the bruschetta.

Drizzle with balsamic reduction and your watermelon bruschetta is ready to be served.

Feta Appetizer ideas

Whipped Feta and Strawberry Phyllo Cups

Whipped feta and strawberry phyllo cups

Feta is crumbled and placed in a food processor and blended until the pieces are quite small.

Cream cheese, honey, lemon zest are added to the food processor and blended until smooth.

The feta and cream cheese citrus mixture is piped into the phyllo cups as the base of the appetizer.

Diced strawberries are placed on top of the cream cheese mixture in the phyllo cup.

To garnish, add a sprig of mint, and a little drizzled balsamic reduction.

Roasted Cauliflower and Feta Dip

Roasted cauliflower and feta dip is a dip you can serve warm, or chilled.

Cauliflower florets are roasted in the oven with onion powder, garlic powder and olive oil until they are fork tender.

The cauliflower should be cooled for a bit, then you can puree it in a food processor.

Add crumbled feta, Greek yogurt, minced garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice to the food processor and blend together to create a smooth dip.

Top the dip with a drizzle of olive oil, chopped up chives, and a few chili pepper flakes.

Roasted cauliflower and feta dip goes well with pita chips, crostini’s, carrots, or celery for dipping.

Corn Deviled Eggs

Corn deviled eggs are a vibrantly colored corn appetizer that can be prepared ahead of time.

Corn deviled eggs are made by making boiled eggs, cutting them in half, and removing the cooked egg yolks into the small bowl.

The eggs yolks are mashed and combined with mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and feta cheese.

The egg mixture is piped back into the halved white of the egg.

Garnish with chopped up red onions, corn, chili powder, and fresh cilantro leaves.

Spinach Dip

Spinach dip is a creamy, warm appetizer served with bread.

Spinach dip is made by adding cooked spinach, blended artichokes, spices, and mozzarella cheese all blended together.

Spinach dip is a vibrant green color, topped with even more cheese. Feta is crumbled on top to this thick, cheesy dip!

feta appetizer ideas with spinach

Watermelon Skewers

Watermelon skewers are simple to make, but have a ton of flavor!

The mint and watermelon mixed together with the tart feta cheese makes these watermelon skewers irresistible!

To make this simple watermelon appetizer, cut watermelon and feta into similar sized cubes or rectangles.

Stack them on top of one another, and then add a large mint leaf on top.

Place a toothpick through the stack, and garnish with a bit of pepper.

You can drizzle balsamic vinegar on top if desired.

Feta Appetizer recipes