How to Decorate Macarons with Sprinkles

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In order for sprinkles to adhere to the macaron batter, you need to sprinkle only a few sprinkles onto the macaron batter just after you’ve piped them.

when to add sprinkles to macarons
  1. Pipe 1.5″ macarons
  2. Immediately add sprinkles to piped macarons. Only add a couple of sprinkles. If you add too many, the macarons could potentially not turn out. You can add sprinkles decoratively to an edge, in the center, or in a circle around the edge.
  3. Bake your macarons for the exact time required in your recipe.
  4. Let cool. Fill macarons with filling.
how to decorate macarons with sprinkles  before baking

Decorative sprinkles are an added touch to your macarons. It’s a simple decoration to add, yet it brings out so much in a macaron.

how to color macarons with sprinkles
pink macarons with sprinkles

You can also make your macarons with sprinkles theme colored:

how to add sprinkles to macarons