7 Snacks to Make with Almond Butter

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You can use almond butter with a variety of foods for a quick snack option.

Almond butter is filling, satisfying, and goes with fruit and grains.

Almond butter has as smooth consistency, and is a tasty condiment to have in your pantry.

Snacks with Almond Butter


Almond butter has more of a liquid consistency, therefore it’s better to dip sliced apples into almond butter for a snack.

If you try to smear almond butter on the apple, it’s likely to fall off due to it’s makeup. Stick to a dipping almond butter.


Celery can be dipped into almond butter for a crunchy textured snack.

Celery has a circular center, which will hold almond butter nicely in the center of it.

You can also add raisins or chocolate chips to it for even more flavor.

Toast and Sliced Bananas

Almond butter goes well topped on toast.

Add a few sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey to finish off this satisfying snack or quick breakfast.


Bananas can be dipped into almond butter to coat them in a delicious almond flavor.

Since almond butter has protein in it, it’s a more filling snack than just having a banana as a snack.

Toast and Honey

Almond butter can be used to put on toast.

Honey can be drizzled on top of the almond butter to give it more of a sweet flavor, instead of a neutral taste of just almond butter.


Almond butter can be spooned onto crackers for a crispy snack.

For a but more flavor, top it with nuts or raisins.


Strawberries have a sweet flavor, and combined with neutral almond butter makes this snack and delicious flavor combination.

Dip strawberries into almond butter for a fast snack on the go.

Apples with Almond Butter

Almond butter is a versatile condiment you can use on fruit, celery, crackers, and breads to make a snack that’s both substantial and hearty.

Almond butter has a smooth, liquid consistency that is best dipped with fruit, rather than spread onto it.

Almond butter goes well with nuts, raisins, honey, and chocolate chips to add more flavor to your snack with almond butter.