How to Make Bear Macarons

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Bear macarons are easy to make with only a few additions to your macaron process. The decorations are not too elaborate but will still impress your guests enjoying your creations.

Prepare to decorate these bear macarons for 20-30 min after you’ve assembled your macarons with their filling.

Begin by making your go-to recipe for macarons. Use any recipe that works well for you. You’ll want to have a few batches of macarons behind you that have turned out great before attempting these animal macarons!

When you start piping your macarons, leave a little extra room. Once you’re ready to pipe your macarons, pipe your regular 1.5″ circle for the head of the bear.

Pipe 2 ears on one end of the circle as shown. Pipe all of your macarons this way. This way, there will be a matching front and back for each bear.

Let them dry for about 30 min until a skin forms.

Bake your macarons for the same amount of time your recipe calls for.

Let your macarons cool completely. Fill your macarons and then they are ready to decorate!

Begin decorating by using an edible marker to draw on the eyes, nose and mouth.

Feel free to maybe add some pink icing dots on either side of the cheeks for more of a colorful look. You could also add a couple pen marks in the ears to give it more depth. Have fun with your bear macarons and make them your own. 🙂

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