How to Fit a Nozzle to a Piping Bag

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What is a piping nozzle

A piping nozzle is used at the end of a piping bag to create a funnel for the food to be pushed through. Piping nozzle’s come in all sorts of decorative shapes and sizes to make beautiful designs when baking.

How to Fit Nozzle to a Piping Bag

What kind of nozzle do you need for your piping bag

Select the nozzle for your piping bag depending on what you need it for.

If you’re piping cookies, you’ll probably want a large circle ended nozzle.

If you’re doing some decorative work, pick the star or jagged edged nozzle for your project.

To fit a nozzle to a piping bag, assemble the following items:

  • piping bag
  • nozzle
  • scissors
  • large tall glass
  1. Place the nozzle inside the piping bag with the narrow end facing the tip of the piping bag.
  2. Push the nozzle as far into the tip as possible, at some point it will not be able to go any further.
  3. Twist the bag below the nozzle a few turns. This will prevent any food from going to the nozzle while we fill the piping bag.
  4. Place the twisted part of the bag into the glass. It’s best if the bag is placed in the glass, with the nozzle up the side of the glass. Since the bag is essentially folded, there won’t be any food that travels up the side of the glass, giving you plenty of room fit the nozzle to the piping bag.
  5. Fold the opening of the piping bag over the edges of the glass.
  6. Fill the piping bag.
  7. Take the folded ends of the bag that are over the glass and twist the end of the bag closed.
  8. Lie the piping bag on it’s side. Estimate where the nozzle needs to sit in the piping bag. The piping bag should sit snugly against the nozzle. The piping bag should be cut just below where the decorative tip will be pushing out of the bag.
  9. Cut the piping bag with scissors. You’ll want it to be a clean cut.
  10. Gently guide the nozzle through the end of the piping bag. If it is pushing out of the bag enough, you’re ready to start piping. If it isn’t quite cut enough, make another cut to make sure the nozzle is pushing out of the bag.
  11. Hold the piping bag in your hands with the nozzle facing the the ceiling.
  12. Twist the piping bag to gently push the food to the top of the nozzle.
  13. Now you’re ready to pipe with your nozzle fitted to your piping bag.