How to Make Unicorn Macarons

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Unicorn macarons are beyond beautiful to bring to your next family gathering. Simple to make, but time consuming. Prepare to decorate these beauties for at least 2 hours to make sure they’re perfect.

Begin by making your go-to recipe for macarons. Use any recipe that works well for you. You’ll want to have a few batches of macarons behind you that have turned out great before attempting these cute cookies!

how to make unicorn macarons

How to pipe unicorn macarons

Making these special macarons isn’t as difficult as they may seem. The hardest part of creating macarons is mastering the shells. Once you have a few perfect batches behind you, you’re ready to take on a macaron challenge!

You will dazzle your friends and family with these adorable desserts. When I brought them to my friend’s birthday, a few of them said they didn’t want to eat them because they were too special!!

When you start piping your macarons, leave a little extra room. Once you’re ready to pipe your macarons, pipe your regular 1.5″ circle for the head of the unicorn.

Pipe 2 tiny ears, and 1 larger circle for the horn. Pipe all of your macarons this way. After you’re finished, add a few sprinkles below the horn. I like to use rainbow sprinkles. The pop of colour really makes it stand out and creates that beautiful unicorn that will impress your guests.

To create the horn shape, simply use a tooth pick to shape the horn into a sharp point.

Let them dry for about 30 min until a skin forms.

Bake your macarons for the same amount of time your recipe calls for.

Let your macarons cool completely.

How to paint unicorn macarons

Take a pinch of gold dust and a few drops of almond extract (any extract is fine, just be aware of your flavor choice). Swirl the dust until it’s mixed together. Use a food safe painting brush, or a silicone brush to paint the ears and horn of the unicorn. I ended up using vanilla extract when I made these, so the gold color is a little bit darker.

unicorn macarons at home

Next, use an edible marker to draw on the eye lashes.

unicorn macarons

Assemble with your favourite filling and enjoy! I like to use vanilla buttercream for the center. Vanilla is a classic flavour that everyone will love!