How to Use a Pastry Mat

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There are a few different ways of using a pastry mat:

  • rolling out dough
  • rolling out a butter layer
  • baking pasties
  • making fancy chocolates
  • making hazelnut spread
  • spreading caramel sauce
How to use a pastry mat

How to use a pasty mat to roll out dough

Put your pastry mat on a hard flat surface.

Put your dough on top of the pastry mat. There is no need to flour your pastry mat. Only flour your dough and the rolling pin.

Roll out your dough to the required length.

Peel the dough from the pastry mat and it’s ready to use for baking or your next step in your baking recipe.

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How to use a pasty mat to roll out a butter layer for croissants or puff pastry

Place your pastry mat on a hard flat surface.

Make sure your butter is at room temperature.

Using a spatula, put the butter on the pasty mat. Gently spread the butter outwards creating a rectangle. Continue spreading the butter until it’s the exact required measurement needed for your recipe. Use the spatula to make the edges a perfect rectangle.

Place the butter in the fridge for 30 min. You can now add your butter layer into your croissant dough or puff pastry dough.

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How to use a pasty mat to bake pastries

To bake pastries with a pastry mat, have your dough ready to bake.

Place the silicone pastry mat onto a baking pan. There is no need to grease the silicone pastry mat.

Put your pastry dough into shapes and place on the silicone mat.

Bake for the time your recipe calls for.

Remove the pastries from the oven and place on a cooling rack.

Clean the pastry mat by wiping it down with a wet cloth and some dish soap.

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How to use a pasty mat to make fancy chocolates

To make fancy chocolate decorations with your pastry mat, begin by melting your chocolate.

Place your silicone mold on a plate or baking pan.

Take a spoon and dip it in your chocolate. Using the back of the spoon, spread the chocolate into a leaf shape. It should be round and big at the bottom, with a narrow end. The narrow end doesn’t have to be a perfect point, or even. It’s beautiful to have the leaf going off to one side, and not uniform.

Repeat with how many leaves you want to make. Place them one in front of one another in a line.

Place the silicone baking mat in the fridge, taking care to have an object prop the chocolate up a bit to give it a leaf shape. The pastry mat only needs to be bent a little bit.

Remove from the fridge after 30 min to 1 hour until the chocolate is solidified, and then it’s ready to use as a fancy chocolate decoration.

How to use a pasty mat to make fancy chocolates

You can use this method to create many different chocolates. Try piping chocolate directly onto the mat. You can make snowflakes, hearts, writing, etc. in this way using your pastry mat.

How to use a pasty mat to make hazelnut spread

To make hazelnut spread, roast your hazelnuts and remove the skins.

Make caramel sauce by combining sugar and water over medium heat in a saucepan until it’s an amber-golden color.

Place the hazelnuts into the caramel sauce.

Spread the mixture onto a silicone pastry mat. Let it cool to room temperature to solidify.

Break the solidified caramel into smaller pieces and blend with a food processor. You can use this as hazelnut spread, or you can go further and create a hazelnut sauce by adding your hazelnut spread to heavy cream.

How to use a pasty mat to spread caramel sauce

Create your caramel sauce by heating sugar and water over medium heat until it’s amber-golden in color.

Spread your caramel sauce onto your pastry mat.

Let the caramel solidify at room temperature.

Your caramel is ready to use. You can break it into pieces and add it to the top of ice cream or desserts. You could also use it to make almond roca for a Christmas gift.