What to Serve with Salmon

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Salmon is a mild flavored fish that can be flavored countless different ways. What you serve with salmon will determine how you’ll plan for the sauces for on top of the salmon. You can serve a variety of sides, salads and vegetables with salmon due to it’s versatility.

What to Serve with Salmon

Sides to serve with salmon

Salmon is normally served with rice or potatoes. If you’re looking to make more of a fancy dinner, go for the risotto or orzo on side your salmon.

Sides to serve with salmon

Salads to serve with salmon

Salads are a usual choice for serving with salmon, most commonly served is a green salad or Caesar salad. For a more prestigious side of salad next to your salmon, select the watermelon or the apple walnut salad.

You could serve your salad as the first course prior to serving your salmon. It’s more of a dinner party style to serve your salad first, then your salmon and accompaniments following the first course.

what to serve with salmon

Vegetable to serve with salmon

Vegetables to serve next to your salmon are one of the most important choices in your dinner. The sides, salmon, and vegetables need to compliment each other.

Salads to serve with salmon

You should be serving at least 1 vegetable with your salmon dinner.

You can serve both a vegetable and a salad with your salmon dinner.

But at minimum, either a vegetable or salad to balance out the meal.

A classic choice for salmon is serving corn on the cobb as a side. Most people enjoy eating corn on the cobb. Typically we have it on summer nights out on the deck.

Pasta side dishes for salmon

Pasta is a rich side that goes well when served as a side with salmon. Spaghetti noodles coated in garlic, lemon, butter and parmesan are the perfect match for salmon.

You don’t need any vegetables served in your pasta since you’ll serve them as another side to your salmon.

A simple pasta recipe will be a complimentary side for your salmon.

Pasta side dishes for salmon

What sauce goes with salmon

Creamy sauce for salmon

Creamy sauces are rich and decadent. Cream sauces are the perfect addition to mild flavored salmon. A hint of mustard, garlic, or herbs are ideal in a cream sauce for salmon. These strong flavors will overpower your salmon, giving it a burst of flavor.

Simple sauce for salmon

Tartar sauce is a simple sauce you can serve with your salmon. The dill pickles combined with mustard and lemon create a balance of tartness as a sauce for your salmon. Adding a couple of herbs and dill pickles to mayonnaise is a simple sauce you can make in under 5 minutes to serve with your salmon.

White cream sauce for salmon

White wine cream sauces add a whole other level of flavor to a cream sauce. White wine is full of fruity flavors that will begin to seep into the cream sauce. It’s a tantalizing flavor that you need to try to understand the power of its flavor.

Sauce for grilled salmon

Grilled salmon can be cooked on the BBQ in a couple of minutes. You can marinate your salon in lemon, olive oil, or a maple syrup base.

Try topping your grilled salmon with a sauce to make the flavors melt together. Keep in mind your sides when selecting your sauces for grilled salmon. You want all of the flavors to compliment each other.

What sauce goes with salmon

Sauce for baked salmon

Baked salmon can also be marinated first, or covered in lemon prior to cooking in the oven.

Adding sauces like dill sauce or cilantro sauce can be mesmerizing with salmon. The oily mild flavor of the salmon goes well with strong flavors like dill or lime sauces.

Sauce to go with salmon and potatoes

Terragon and white wine cream sauce is the perfect complimenting sauce for both salmon and potatoes.

Drizzle a small amount of white wine and herb cream sauce on your salmon and potatoes to soak them with a ton of creamy flavor.

The creamy based sauce is full of herbs and parmesan cheese giving a burst of flavor for your potatoes and salmon.