What Cream to Put on Scones

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Devonshire cream is a specialty, rich, creamy food that can be put on classic English scones.

Devonshire cream is a buttery cream that is heaped in the middle of an plain English scone. The cream adds a rich creamy butter flavor to the scone.

Devonshire cream isn’t the only thing that is typically served with English scones.

Jam or fruit is a key component to serve alongside Devonshire cream.

Jam adds sweet, fruity burst of flavor, with the buttery Devonshire cream.

Jam and Devonshire cream are the classic toppings for English scones.

You could also add strawberry or blueberry compote on top of the clotted cream.

Clotted cream for scones is made by baking heavy cream is a large casserole dish in a low oven (175 F) for 12 hours.

The cream is let to cool, and then refrigerated until it’s chilled.

Clotted cream dates back to the year 997. We still love eating it today with our classic English scones!

What Cream to Put on Scones