How to Write on Macarons

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To write on macarons, you’ll need something that’s able to write on macarons.

One writing utensil you can use is an edible marker.

An edible marker has a sharp point on the end which makes writing words and on the macarons very easy.

The harder you press the edible marker, the wider the lines created.

For writing on macarons, you don’t want to use too much force when pressing your design into the cookie. Macarons have a delicate shell and can be easily damaged if pressed too hard.

Gently touch the edible marker to the macaron to create your design.

There are many different colors you can use to write on macarons. You can create a rainbow on your macarons if you wanted to.

You can only write a couple of words on a macaron since the macaron is quite a small cookie. It’s best to write only 1 or 2 words on the macarons to make sure your guests see the writing.

When writing on your macarons, try to stick to a theme.

Things to write on macarons for a baby shower

  • “Oh Baby!”
  • “Boy!”
  • “Girl”
  • “Baby”
  • “Bundle”
  • “Little On”

Things to write on macarons for a wedding shower

  • “Love”
  • “I do”
  • “Yes!”
  • “01/01/21” (Date of Wedding)
  • “Groom”
  • “Bride”

Things to write on macarons for a birthday party

  • “Birthday”
  • “21” – (# years old)
  • “Celebrate”
  • “Happy Birthday!”
  • “Over the Hill” (40th birthday)
how to write on macarons

Using your edible marker you can write small details on macarons to create face shapes. In the above photo, you can see how we’ve used the marker to create eye lashes on a unicorn macaron.