13 Focaccia Bread Toppings

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Focaccia bread is a fresh, spongy, light bread that can be dipped in oil and vinegar for a tasty appetizer. Focaccia bread can be flavored in the dough, as well as using toppings to bring out the flavors.

If you’ve never tried an infused herb and garlic olive oil focaccia, it’s one of the most mesmerizing focaccia breads you’ll have. Serve it fresh right out of the oven for the best tasting focaccia bread.

Focaccia Bread Toppings

Traditional Focaccia Bread Toppings

Finishing salt

Salt is meant to enhance flavors. By adding finishing salt to your focaccia bread, it will bring out the flavors of the bread, and add texture to the topping. Finishing salt has larger flakes than regular salt, and it will give your focaccia bread a professional look to it.


Rosemary sprigs work well as a focaccia bread topping because it adds both flavor and an eye catching look to your focaccia bread. Rosemary is a classic addition to the dough of focaccia bread as well. Be sure to use dried rosemary for your focaccia bread.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a traditional topping for focaccia bread. Parmesan is only spread sparingly on the focaccia so it gives it a hint of flavor, and not a layer of cheese like a pizza. Parmesan is a salty cheese that will enhance the flavor of your focaccia bread.

Traditional Focaccia Bread Toppings

Focaccia Bread Toppings

Sundried Tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes have a powerful flavor, and add a bit of a chewy texture to focaccia bread. The will crisp up in the oven giving your focaccia bread a tomato flavor. Sundried tomatoes go well on top of focaccia bread with rosemary and finishing salt.

Fresh Tomatoes

Thinly sliced tomatoes can be placed on top of focaccia bread as a topping. The tomatoes will have the juice seep into the focaccia bread in the oven which will dry the tomatoes out. Tomatoes give the focaccia bread a light, fresh taste to it.

Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic is a delicious caramelized topping for focaccia bread. Arrange the roasted pieces of garlic around the top of the focaccia bread and gently press them into the dough. The roasted garlic adds a ton of garlic flavor to the focaccia bread, and goes well with flakes of salt and rosemary sprigs.


Olives added to the top of focaccia bread give the bread a bitter, salty flavor. Leave the olives whole, and then push them gently in the dough prior to baking in the oven. Olives go well with rosemary and roasted garlic for focaccia bread toppings.

Red Onions

Red onions give focaccia bread a tart flavor. The onions will crisp up in the oven and will give the focaccia bread a hint of onion flavor. Red onions go well with roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes for focaccia bread toppings.

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs can be added as focaccia bread toppings for a more earthy flavor. You can add chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, or thyme to your focaccia bread to enhance the savory flavor of the bread.

Asiago Cheese

Asiago cheese can be sprinkled on top of focaccia bread for a sweet, nutty, sharp cheese flavor. Asiago cheese goes well with fresh oregano for focaccia bread toppings.

Fresh Cranberries

Cranberries add a tart, sharp flavor to focaccia bread. Cranberries compliment rosemary and thyme well for focaccia bread toppings. Cranberry focaccia bread is a delicious holiday style focaccia bread.

Fresh Peaches

Peaches add a burst of sweetness to focaccia bread. Thinly sliced peaches can added to the top of focaccia bread with thyme for a balanced flavored focaccia bread. The peaches add an element of chewy texture to the focaccia bread. as well as a pop of color.

Fresh Pesto

Fresh pesto adds a ton of earthy sharp flavor to focaccia bread. Fresh pesto goes well with cherry tomatoes and rosemary for focaccia bread toppings.

Focaccia Bread Toppings