How to Use Basil in Pasta

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Basil is used in pasta at the very end of making a pasta dish. Only the basil leaves are used in pasta. Cut off the stems and then place only the leaves into your dish.

how to use basil in pasta

When to put Basil into your Pasta Dish

Remove your pan from heat with your freshly made pasta sauce.

Add the basil and mix into the pasta.

Mix until it’s all wilted and shrunken in size.

This is when it will be releasing it’s flavors into the pasta.

The heat will penetrate the basil leaves and infuse it’s flavor into the pasta. Pasta is able to absorb flavors very well. 

sweet basil how to use in pasta recipe ideas

How to use Basil in Pesto for Pasta dishes

Basil can also be used to make fresh pesto. The fresh pesto can be used as a sauce for pasta.

Add in your vegetables – peppers and tomatoes for a delicious dinner idea.

Creamy pesto sauce is also an option for pasta.

To create a creamy pesto sauce begin by making a roux – ¼ cup butter + ¼ cup flour. Add 1 1/2 cups milk.

Mix together and add 2 tbsp pesto. Thicken with ⅓ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese. 

Why is basil a great addition to pasta

Basil has a strong sweet smelling flavor.

The moment your hands touch it, the flavor is on your hands, that’s how strong it is.

By adding this sweet plant to your pasta, it balances out the flavors of garlic and tomatoes.

It adds a freshness to the pasta and makes it feel like a light dish because it tastes refreshing.

Fresh basil is a delicious herb addition to your favorite pasta dish.

how to use basil in pasta dishes