Best Edible Markers for Cookies

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The best edible markers for cookies are Wilton’s FoodWriter markers.

Wilton’s edible markers are unique in that they dry almost immediately so you do not have the risk of any smudge marks.

Wilton has a huge variety of colors, everything from black to neon colors.

Wilton’s edible markers have a very fine tip to them, so you’re able to make those detailed points in your designs on cookies without any issues.

  • fine tipped
  • dries instantly
  • neon colors
  • primary colors
  • black only
  • food grade quality
  • long lasting
  • easy to use

Edible markers can be used to create designs on macarons, royal icing, fondant, marshmallows, and cookies.

Edible markers can be used to create eyes and faces of characters with just a couple of pen strokes.

Edible markers work well to highlight bodies of characters or other important parts of your designs.

Black is the most common edible marker color used because it shows up well on just about any background.

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Best Edible Markers

What is an edible marker

An edible marker is a food grade marker you can use to make designs on your favorite baked goods.

How do you use an edible pen

  1. Place your food you want to write on, on a steady surface.
  2. Remove the cap from the edible pen and hold it like a regular pen.
  3. Gently touch the surface of the edible pen to your food and begin writing. Sometimes you’ll need to press a bit harder than a regular pen to get clean lines on your food.
  4. When you’re finished with your design, let the food dry for a few minutes prior to storing it.
How do you use an edible pen

Edible markers for cookies

You can use edible markers directly on cookies such as macarons. You’ll want to be extra careful with your pressure when decorating macarons with edible markers. Macarons are delicate, if you press too hard, you could push the shell and ruin it. Go as gently as possible when decorating macarons with edible markers.

Edible markers for cookies

Can you use edible marker on royal icing

You can use an edible marker on royal icing after the icing has dried. Let the royal icing dry for 8 hours, then use your edible markers to add a touch of color to your icing.

Using edible markers on royal icing makes it easy to add dots for eyes or small details. It’s much more difficult to add these fine details using icing than it is to use an edible marker.

Best Edible Markers for cookies

Edible markers for chocolate

You can use edible markers for chocolate, however the surface of chocolate is quite smooth. Sometimes the marker finds it difficult to adhere to the chocolate. Try pressing a little harder to get your edible marker to show up on your chocolate.

Edible markers for fondant

Edible markers are wonderful for using on fondant. Since fondant dries hard, you can use your edible markers with ease on fondant.

There are a ton of different colors you can use with edible markers on fondant.

Keep in mind the edible markers need to be darker than the fondant color to make them show up nice and vibrant.

Edible markers for cakes

Edible markers can be used on cakes that the icing has dried hard. If the icing is soft, the marker will not adhere to the icing, and you have the risk of the icing being smushed by the marker.

Use your edible markers gently on your dried icing on cakes to give them some added color and design that will wow your guests!

Best Edible Markers