How to Decorate Mousse

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You can decorate mousse using chocolate, fresh fruit, mint leaves, mint leaves, compote, and whipped cream.

Some of the decorations work better with fruit mousse, and some are better suited for chocolate mousse.

Make sure to pick a complimenting flavor for your decoration to match your flavor of mousse.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be used to decorate mousse with a burst of sweet berries or slices of kiwi.

You can arrange the berries to be flat on top of the mousse, so they look like they’re standing up on the mousse for a beautiful look.

  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • kiwi slices
  • sliced strawberries

Try making raspberry mousse for a burst of creamy raspberry flavor, decorated with fresh raspberries.

How to Decorate Mousse

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Vanilla whipped cream is a soft, creamy topping you can decorate your mousse with.

The whipped cream adds a contrasting color to the mousse, making it look vibrant.

The velvety smooth vanilla whipped cream will add a rich flavor to your mousse.

How to Decorate Mousse with whipped cream


You can add lime zest, lemon zest, or orange zest to the top of your mousse for a beautiful pop of color to your mousse. Only add zest to a fruit flavored mousse.


You can add a berry compote to both a fruit flavored mousse, or a chocolate mousse.

Compote is a sweet berry flavor that will compliment the flavors of your mousse to make it even more flavorful.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel sauce is a sticky, sweet and salty flavor you can add on top of your mousse, depending on the flavor.

Salted caramel goes well with chocolate mousse to add a hint of sugar and a unique salty finish to your mousse.

Cocoa Powder

You can add a little dusting of cocoa powder to the top of chocolate mousse for an added decoration. Only add a sparing amount, because by itself, cocoa powder is quite bitter tasting.

Mint Leaves

You can arrange a few mint leaves in the whipped cream on top of your mousse, or beside a bit of fresh fruit for a pop of green color.

Chocolate scrolls

Use a potato peeler and grate the chocolate away from you to create chocolate scrolls on top of your mousse.

How to Decorate Mousse