3 Ways on How to Remove Lavender Buds from Stems

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lavender with stems

Removing lavender buds from their stems is very easy and only takes a few minutes of patience. Your hands will smell like lavender after touching your dried lavender stems. If you don’t want to smell like lavender, you might want to put on some gardening gloves for this.

Before removing the lavender buds, be sure to have the lavender fully dried. It takes about ~1 week for it to be fully dry and ready to remove the buds. To dry your lavender, hang the stems upside down. Use a rubber band or string to tie the stems together, then hang it on a nail on the wall for a full 7 days. Try to pick the darkest room in the house so the scent and color will hold as you dry it out.

How to Remove lavender buds from stems

  1. Hold the stems. Put a plate under the lavender to gather all of the buds. Shake the lavender until the buds fall from the stems. 
  1. If you only need a few buds run your finger down the stem to remove the buds. 
  1. Place dried lavender in a sealed bag. Roll the bag until all the dried lavender buds have been removed from the stems. You’ll have to tip the bag at an angle to get them out from the bottom. Or, you can remove the stems from the bag and you are ready to store your dried lavender buds.

How to store your lavender buds

Store in an airtight container or resealable bag. Store your container in a dark area. The darker the area, the more likely the vibrant purple color will stay. If your lavender is exposed to light, the color will fade.

How long do the dried lavender buds last?

They will last for over a year. Best to make new dried lavender annually so it’s as fresh as possible. The scent will deteriorate over time.