Cool Macaron Designs

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Macarons can be one of the most special and thoughtful gifts you can give someone. They can be customized to represent a theme or special occasion.

Here are some ideas to make shaped macarons for your next macaron batch.

Heart Macarons

You can make some personalized macarons by creating heart shapes using your macaron batter. Use your piping tip made one diagonal line, then continue and make another diagonal line. Use a toothpick to manipulate the batter into the heart sharp you’re wanting. You can use the toothpick to make more of a point at the bottom of the heart, and to join the intersecting batter to mold the heart together.

cool macaron designs

Teddy Bear Macarons

To make the bear macaron design, make your initial circle the head. Be sure to have enough room above the head to create 2 smaller circles for the ears.

Next, put another circle below the head for the body. Add 2 more smaller circles beside it for the arms.

Add the feet by adding 2 more circles on the bottom of the body circle. Remove the air bubbles from the macaron.

Let the bear dry for 15 minutes. Add the final nose circle. Only add a small amount of batter for the nose. A little goes a long way.

Bake the macarons and let them come to room temperature.

To create the bear design, make 2 small circles for the eyes using an edible marker.

Add an upside down triangle onto the nose piece. Make 2 lines of opposing fish hooks underneath that.

This creates a cool macaron design of a teddy bear. You can use this design for kids or birthday celebrations.

cool macaron designs

Honey Bee Bear Macaron

To make the bear design, add 2 small circles onto your regular circular macaron.

Once the macaron has baked and cooled, you’re ready to add the 2 circles for the eyes using an edible marker. Above the circles add 2 semi circles for eye brows.

Add 1 nose circle a bit below the eyes in the center of the macaron.

You can continue the design by adding a sideways teardrop on its face. Add 2 smaller teardrops for wings.

Add a couple of lines on the body and a circle for the eye of the bee.

Finally, add small lines for the path of the bee.

Bee Macaron

To make the large bee macaron, make the macaron a teardrop shape.

Then add the wings of the bee overtop of the body.

Using a toothpick, make a point at the end of the bee macaron for a stinger.

Bake the macarons and let them cool.

Spread melted white chocolate over the wings in a sweeping motion. This creates the wings center that pushes the white chocolate into the center of the wing making it more eye catching.

Add 2 antennae to the bee macaron by adding 2 semi circles side by side. Add 2 circles on the end of the semicircles on the top.

Write 1 circle for the eye close to the edge of the macaron.

Add 2-3 stipes. One black stripe should be at the end of the macaron for the stinger.

How to Make Character Macarons

Truck Macaron

Begin by making a box shape with your macaron batter. Add a small rectangle on top for the cab of the truck macaron.

Add 2 circles on top of the bottle rectangle for the wheels.

Sprinkle a bit of cookie crumbs on the edge of the larger rectangle. This gives the look of carrying dirt in the truck bed.

Bake the truck macarons and let them cool.

Add the final designs of the truck by coloring wheels, tracing the outside of the macaron, and making a window.

This unique macaron design is sure to impress your guests.