How to Use Focaccia Bread

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Focaccia bread can be used in a variety of ways including as an appetizer for dipping, as sandwich bread, and as a base for bruschetta.

If you’ve never homemade your own focaccia bread at home, try out our Easy Herb Focaccia Bread Recipe.

how to use focaccia bread

What’s the best way to serve focaccia bread

The best way to serve focaccia bread is by serving it with olive oil and balsamic reduction.

best way to serve focaccia bread


  1. Slice focaccia bread widthwise making it about 2 cm in thickness for each slice using a serrated knife.
  2. Arrange the sliced focaccia bread on a serving plate.
  3. Take a large dinner plate or serving plate and place a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil on it, so it covers the plate.
  4. Add balsamic reduction to the olive oil sparingly. Do not mix.
  5. Serve the sliced focaccia bread by dipping the bread in the olive oil and balsamic reduction mixture.
  6. Enjoy!
how to use focaccia bread as an appetizer


  1. Slice focaccia bread 1-2 cm in thickness using a serrated knife.
  2. Toast focaccia bread for 2 min.
  3. Remove focaccia bread from the toaster and add your condiments to each side of the bread.
  4. Add in your meat, cheese, and vegetables.
  5. Serve your focaccia bread sandwich with a toothpick pierced all the way through the sandwich so it stays together for you.
  6. Enjoy!


  1. Dice 1 tomato into small cubes.
  2. Add a tablespoon of diced onion. Be sure to make them very small.
  3. Add 3-4 tablespoons of freshly made pesto.
  4. Mix together the tomato, onion and pesto until it’s all combined.
  5. Slice focaccia bread using a serrated knife into pieces that are ~1 cm in thickness.
  6. Cut the focaccia bread in half so it’s in more of a serving size piece.
  7. Top the focaccia bread with the tomato mixture.
  8. Add a pinch of freshly grated parmesan cheese to the top of the tomato mixture.
  9. Toast bruschetta for 2 min.
  10. Place bruschetta on a serving plate.
  11. Add a touch of balsamic reduction to the bruschetta.
  12. Enjoy!

Using balsamic reduction for your appetizers is preferred over balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic reduction is more of a sweet and savory flavor, and has a thick viscosity to it, whereas balsamic vinegar is a bit harsh to eat on it’s own due to it’s acidity.

Balsamic vinegar is typically used in combination with other ingredients to bring down it’s harshness.

By using balsamic reduction you can use it as a garnish, dipping sauce, glaze, or salad dressing, due to it’s ease of taste. You can get a ton of different flavors including garlic, strawberry, peach, fig, raspberry, pomegranate, pear, etc.

what to pair focaccia bread with

13 Dishes that go well with Focaccia Bread

  • fresh cut up vegetables
  • crab dip
  • shrimp dip
  • hummus
  • baked brie
  • taco bites
  • charcuterie board
  • guacamole
  • deviled eggs
  • spinach dip
  • stuffed mushrooms
  • pinwheels
  • cheeseball
herb focaccia bread