How to Serve Macarons

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Macarons can be served on a variety of dishes, or even built into a macaron tower if you’re up for the challenge.

Macarons make for a delicious treat in the afternoon or evening served with sweet bubbly beverages.

What temperature to serve macarons at

Macarons are typically stored in the fridge prior to serving, therefore they need to be warmed to room temperature before you’re ready to serve them.

Macarons that have been in the fridge can be placed on a clean plate for 20 minutes to warm them up to room temperature.

Macarons are beautiful cookies that should be served on a clean white plate if possible.

Their colors will pop out from the plate, making them look indulgent.

how to serve macarons

Arrangements for Macarons

Macaron Tower

Macarons can be arranged according to color on a tiered platter. They look beautiful as each color the macarons come out a bit further creating a macaron tower.

Another option is to build your own macaron tower by first getting a foam tree.

The foam tree needs toothpicks stuck into it, and then you can gently push your macarons onto the toothpick.

You can create a variety of looks from a flat macaron tower, to a mix of flat and vertical macarons.

Check out these beautiful macaron towers.

How to Serve Macarons

Macarons on a wooden board

You can use a wooden cutting board, or specialty wooden board to arrange your macarons on.

It’s best to serve your macarons with similar colors or flavors grouped together on a wooden board.

You can put handwritten labels beside each flavor of macaron for your guests to have a good idea about what kind of macaron they are selecting.

How to Serve Macarons on a wooden board

Macarons on a plate

Macarons look eye catching on a white plate because they stand out with their color, shape, and texture.

How to Serve Macarons on a plate

What drinks to serve with macarons

Macarons can be served with a wide variety of beverages, depending on the occasion.


Macarons go well with a piping hot cup of tea. You can even serve macarons with high tea (afternoon tea).

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a creamy, chocolatey beverage that goes well with macarons. Macarons that will be served as dessert can be enjoyed with a hot cup of cocoa.

You’ll want to pick complimenting flavors for your macarons to go with your hot chocolate.

Macaron flavors to serve with hot chocolate:

  • other chocolate flavored macarons
  • caramel macarons
  • London fog macarons
  • vanilla macarons
  • s’more macarons
  • cookies and cream macarons
  • cookie dough macarons


An afternoon latte served with macarons is a lovely treat to have on a cold afternoon.

If you love iced coffee, macarons go impeccably well with delicious iced coffee. They’re chewy texture melts in your mouth after a cold glass of a specialty iced coffee.


There’s nothing quite like champagne and macarons. Having a little chilled bubbly, next to a flavor packed macaron is one of the best combinations.

You can serve champagne with macarons during a:

  • bridal shower
  • wedding shower
  • engagement party
  • NYE party
  • anniversary celebration
  • birthday party