21 Foods to Dip in a Chocolate Fountain

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Chocolate fountains are a decadent, specialty dessert you can serve with a variety of foods for your guests.

Create your own array of foods to dip in your chocolate fountain including fruit, cookies and cakes.

Make sure to have plenty of toothpicks and napkins for your guests to dip their selection into the fountain of chocolate!


Bananas are bit plain on their own. They don’t have a ton of flavor. Bananas dipped in chocolate takes them to the next level. You can even add a few nuts to the outside of the melted chocolate.


Strawberries and chocolate are a classic combination of foods. Strawberries are fresh, sweet, and medium in texture. It’s one of the most popular foods to dip in a chocolate fountain.

what to dip in chocolate fountain


Pineapple is a sweet, hard fruit, that is acidic. It can be tangy on the mouth when you eat too much of it. When pineapple is dipped in chocolate the chocolate tones down the acid in the fruit, therefore it goes well together.


Kiwi when it’s ripe can be a delicate fruit to handle. It’s best to cut kiwi into slices that are quite thick so they don’t fall apart when you’re dipping them in the chocolate fountain. Kiwis are sweet, and packed with flavor, which makes them the perfect fruit to dip.


Apples can be sliced or diced to dip in a chocolate fountain. Apples are neutral in flavor, and have a hard texture to them. Apples are already full of sugar, and pairing them with chocolate makes it a sweet dessert to have.


You can use regular cherries, or maraschino cherries to dip in your chocolate fountain. Regular cherries can be kept on the vine so they can be lowered into the chocolate fountain with ease. Maraschino cherries should be placed on a toothpick and then dipped. They are much more sweet, and can be overwhelming for some people with them being too sweet.


Grapes have a ton of watery flavor, and go well with milk chocolate or white chocolate. You can even freeze grapes and then dip them in the chocolate fountain for a harder texture.

Orange Slices

Orange and chocolate are two flavors that are just a burst of flavor in combination. Orange is a citrusy flavor that will make your taste buds dance on your tongue. Creamy chocolate with a burst of orange is absolutely incredible. Try to use mandarin oranges in your chocolate fountain, since they have the skin on the pieces of orange.


Pears can be sliced or diced to dip in a chocolate fountain. Pears have a fresh, earthy, sweet flavor that goes particularly well with chocolate.


Watermelon is a soft food with a delicious flavor. Small pieces of watermelon go well with chocolate given the unique flavor of the combination of the 2.


Cantaloupe is a watery, fresh fruit that is lovely to eat on a hot summer’s day. Cantaloupe dipped in a chocolate fountain has a rich and tantalizing flavor.


Pick the big sized Marshmallows to dip in your chocolate fountain so the little ones don’t get lodged in the fountain. Marshmallows are squishy, with a little flavor, therefore it pairs well with chocolate. You could try making a s’more with the chocolate fountain using a few graham crackers!


Pretzels are crispy and dry, but when combined with chocolate it gives a salty and sweet taste combination. It’s a unique flavor that people will love to try!

Rice Krispy Squares

Rice Krispy squares are one of the most favorite items to dip in a chocolate fountain. Cut the squares into bite sized pieces so they can easily be eaten in one bite. The crispness of the square, combined with the liquid warm chocolate makes this dessert mouthwatering!


Waffles can be made the day before you’re serving it with a chocolate fountain. Cut the waffles into 4 pieces to dip in the chocolate fountain. You can crisp up the waffles prior to serving them by placing them in the oven for a few minutes (350 degrees F for 5 minutes).


Biscotti is a dry, crunchy, and hard cookie that is usually flavored with almonds. Since biscotti is quite dry, this pairs well with dipping in a chocolate fountain, to give it some sweetness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Small chocolate chip cookies go well with dipping in a chocolate fountain. Typically people want to try a variety of foods in a chocolate fountain, therefore making your chocolate chip cookies small is a better way to go.


Shortbread is a buttery cookie that goes well with melted chocolate. Shortbread is not a sweet cookie, therefore the chocolate enhances the flavor of the buttery cookie, making it irresistible.

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are crisp and sweet crackers that are a bit dry on their own. That’s why it pairs well with a chocolate fountain; the chocolate will give the graham crackers a hint of creamy sweetness.

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is a light, neutral flavored cake that typically is covered in a fruit sauce to give it some flavor.

Angel food cake can be cut up into squares and dipped into the chocolate fountain. It’s a bit crumbly, but the fresh cake with chocolate oozing from it, is absolutely decadent!


Brownies are already full of chocolate, and are quite chewy. It’s best if you cut them into small squares to dip into the chocolate fountain, since this is quite a rich combination.

what to dip in chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountains are fun and entertaining to have at your next party.

A chocolate fountain works well at a baby shower, bridal shower, stag, or a birthday party.