What to Do When Butter is Breaking Through your Croissant Dough

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You could have 2 different problems when your butter is breaking through your croissant dough.

  1. Butter is too warm
  2. Butter is too cold
croissant dough

When making your croissants, bring the butter you want for laminating completely to room temperature. I usually just leave it on the counter while I’m waiting for the first long rest of my dough (4 hours). 

Once your butter is at room temperature, you’ll want to get out your stand mixer. Mix your butter for a couple of minutes until fluffy and light. This adds air into the butter which will make it much easier to work with in your croissant dough. Add a couple of tablespoons of flour to your fluffy butter. Mix them together for another 30 seconds. 

When your dough is coming up on it’s long rest, place the butter in the fridge 30 min before you need to laminate it.

To get the butter perfectly to your required measurements, transfer the butter to a silicone mat. Use a spatula to gently move the butter into its shape for your specific measurements you need for your dough. 

Place the butter/silicone mat on a baking sheet and put it in the fridge for 30 min.

Placing the butter in the fridge for only 30 min will let it be still malleable, but not too hard or too soft.

Remove your dough from the fridge after your long rest (4 hours) and your butter layer that has been chilling for 30 min.

Place the butter on the dough and fold it like an envelope. I usually put the butter at a diagonal to the dough, and then enclose it by gently pressing the dough seams. Now you’re ready to roll your dough into a rectangle, and begin folding it like a letter. This begins the lamination process. Learn why using a marble rolling pin is ideal for rolling out croissant dough. 

pain au chocolat proofing

If your butter is too hard, it will poke through the dough. You’ll be able to feel it easily if it’s too hard. Leave your dough out for 5 min, and try again. See if your dough and butter are more pliable and able to be rolled out.

If your butter is too soft it will ooze out of the dough and be covering your pastry edges. If your butter is too soft in your dough, place it in the fridge for 30 min until your next turn. Then your dough will be chilled enough to turn and roll again. 

How many layers for croissant dough are there?

There are a total of 81 layers. 

How are there 81 layers in croissant dough?

The first letter fold you create 3 distinct layers of butter.

In the next turn you roll out those layers, and then double the layers by folding it. 3×3 = 9

The next turn you double the layers again, 9×9 =81 layers of butter.  

81 layers of butter for croissant dough

What butter is best for croissants?

  • Unsalted butter
  • >80% fat content, ideally 84%