16 High Tea Cookies to Bake for Afternoon Tea

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High tea cookies are small, with a hint of citrus, herb, spiced or buttery flavors.

High tea cookies are light, crumbly, and melt in your mouth when you eat them alongside your hot tea.

how to serve afternoon tea

What high tea cookies can you make for afternoon tea

  • macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookies
  • lemon shortbread
  • plain shortbread
  • lavender shortbread
  • earl grey shortbread
  • chai shortbread
  • cranberry orange almond shortbread
  • chocolate dipped shortbread
  • orange slice tea cookies
  • macarons
  • raspberry almond thumbprint cookies
  • sugar cookies
  • madeleines
  • oatmeal raisin cookies
  • peanut butter cookies
  • matcha cookies

How many different types of cookies should you bake for high tea

You only need 1-2 different types of cookies for high tea.

Depending on how many how many desserts your preparing, you can easily go with just 1 type of cookie.

Usually there is an array of desserts including 4-5 different types of desserts included in afternoon tea.

Cookies are only 1 of the desserts that you could serve for afternoon tea.

What other sweets are served with afternoon tea

Some other sweets that are served with afternoon tea are breads, muffins, crumpets, scones, pastries, bars, and cakes.

high tea cookies to bake for afternoon tea

Where are high tea cookies placed on the serving platter

High tea cookies are placed on the top tier of a 3 tier serving platter. They are included in the sweets part of the high tea. The sweets portion of high tea is usually eaten last in high tea.

What should you wear when going for high tea

High tea in North America is semi-formal. Wear something nice, but not overdone. Consider wearing a long casual dress, dress pants, blouse, heels, boots, flats, or sandles.

How to host a high tea party

  1. Set a date and send out your invites.
  2. Gather china plates, tea cups, saucers, tea pots (several depending on number of teas you plan on serving), linen – tablecloth and napkins, serving platters – 3 tiers.
  3. Decide on your menu.
  4. Bake cookies, scones, breads, crumpets, cakes, etc. the day before your party.
  5. Set your tables with tablecloths, napkins, side plates, salt and pepper shakers.
  6. Create your sandwiches as close to the serving time as possible. Place in the refrigerator with cling wrap over them until you’re ready to serve them.
  7. Boil the kettle or hot water right before your guests come over.
  8. Place cream and sugar out for your guests.
  9. Place all of the sandwiches on the bottom tier of your serving platter. Next, place breads, crumpets and scones on the second tier. Put your tea time sweets on the top tier.
  10. Make tea for your guests.
  11. Enjoy!

High tea cookies are a delight for your guests.

They should be made a bit on the smaller side so they are bite sized.

You don’t want to bake too big of cookies, otherwise they won’t fit on your platter.

Typically high tea cookies are small enough just to have a taste.

You don’t want your guests becoming too full on anything because there is an array of baked goods to eat.