7 Affogato Flavors with Alcohol

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Affogato is a Italian dessert made with vanilla ice cream, and freshly brewed espresso.

For more of an adult spin on affogato, you can add different types of alcohol to pour over your vanilla ice cream.

You only need to add a single shot of your favorite type of alcohol to make your affogato have a boozy flavor to it.

Affogato can have a couple of chocolate shavings added to the top of the ice cream dessert as well.

You can use white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate, depending on the type of alcohol you’ve chosen to cover your ice cream and espresso in.

Amaretto Affogato

Amaretto affogato has a nutty and cherry flavor to the affogato.

Amaretto affogato is made by pouring amaretto and espresso over vanilla ice cream.

Amaretto affogato can have dark chocolate shavings added to the top of the dessert for a delicious chocolate and cherry flavored affogato.

Affogato Flavors with Alcohol

Irish Cream Affogato

Irish cream affogato is one of the most popular alcohol affogato desserts you can make!

It has a creamy espresso and liqueur flavor to the affogato.

Irish cream affogato is made by streaming Irish cream and espresso over vanilla ice cream.

White chocolate shavings can be added to garnish the boozy affogato dessert.

Affogato Alcohol

Chocolate Stout Affogato

Chocolate stout affogato has a strong beer flavor, combined with a chocolate and vanilla finish to this dessert.

Chocolate stout affogato is made by adding chocolate liqueur, stout beer, and freshly brewed espresso on top of vanilla ice cream.

Bourbon Affogato

Bourbon affogato has a caramel and vanilla flavor to it. Bourbon affogato is made by pouring bourbon and espresso over vanilla ice cream.

Add a few milk chocolate shavings to the top of the bourbon affogato, to add a chocolatey sweetness to this caramel and vanilla affogato.

Alcohol Affogato flavors

Kahlua Affogato

Kahlua affogato is an enhanced coffee liqueur affogato.

Kahlua and espresso are poured over the vanilla ice cream to make this dessert.

Sprinkle a couple chopped up walnuts or pecans to finish off this boozy affogato.

Guinness Affogato

Guinness affogato is an Irish version of an affogato.

Guinness affogato is made by pouring Guinness beer over vanilla ice cream, as well as a freshly brewed shot of espresso.

You can sprinkle a couple dark chocolate shavings on top of the Guinness affogato for a chocolatey finish to your dessert.

White Russian Affogato

White Russian affogato has not only vodka poured over the ice cream, it also has a shot of Kahlua as well.

Kahlua pairs well with the shot of espresso drizzled over the ice cream, enhancing the espresso flavor.

The combination of Kahlua and vodka makes this affogato taste like you’re drinking a White Russian, except it’s in the form of your favorite dessert!