7 Blue Macarons Flavors

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Blue macarons are brilliant and picturesque.

You can make alluring blue macaron flavors like cotton candy, birthday cake, or cookie monster macarons!

Cotton Candy Macarons

Cotton candy macarons are made by adding cotton candy food flavoring and blue gel food coloring to macaron batter.

The center filling is a cotton candy white chocolate ganache. Cotton candy food flavoring is added to hot cream and white chocolate to create this deliciously sweet and fun flavor of macarons.

Blue Macarons Flavors

Birthday Cake Macarons

Birthday cake macarons are made by adding a small amount of blue gel food coloring to macarons batter.

Sprinkle a few rainbow sprinkles on top of the macarons after piping so they have the beautiful rainbow color against the vibrant blue macarons.

Birthday cake macaron filling is made by adding vanilla cake mix to a vanilla buttercream icing. You can add food coloring to the filling of the macarons if desired.

Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons

Blueberry cheesecake macarons are made by adding blue gel food coloring and blueberry powder to macaron batter.

Blueberry cheesecake macarons are filled with 2 different fillings. The first is a white chocolate cream cheese buttercream icing. Melted white chocolate is added at the end of making cream cheese buttercream icing to make the icing extra sweet and tangy.

The second filling is a blueberry compote. Blueberry compote is made by making a sugar syrup with blueberries, and thickening it with corn flour or cornstarch.

The macarons are assembled by piping a ring of white chocolate buttercream around the edge of the macaron shell. The center filling is a spoonful of blueberry compote.

All sandwiched together these blue macarons have a burst of blueberry and cream cheese flavors.

Earl Grey Macarons

Earl grey macarons are made by adding blue gel food coloring and ground up earl grey tea leaves to macaron batter.

Early grey macarons are filled with earl grey buttercream icing.

Early grey tea leaves are added to a buttercream icing base to create this mesmerizing tea macaron flavor.

Taste test, and add more tea if necessary to have a punch of earl grey flavor.

Cookie Monster Macarons

Cookie monster macarons are made by creating a batch of white macaron batter, and a batch of blue macaron batter.

The blue macarons are piped out, and have blue sprinkles dusted on them.

The white macaron batter is made only for the “eyes” of the monster.

Pipe 2 small circles on top of the blue macarons after they have dried for about 15 minutes.

Let the macarons dry for another 30 minutes prior to baking.

When they come out of the oven, you can draw on the eyes with an edible marker. Learn how to make character macarons.

The cookie monster macarons are filled with chocolate ganache, and a small chocolate chip cookie in between the macaron shells.

Blue Raspberry and Cream Macarons

Blue raspberry and cream macarons are made by adding a small amount of blue gel food coloring to macaron batter.

The cream filling of the macarons is made by adding heavy cream to cream cheese and sugar icing. The cream filling is rich and flavorful for your macarons.

Fresh raspberries are added in the middle of the cream coated macaron shells, making them look striking against the blue macarons.

White Chocolate Ganache Macarons

White chocolate ganache macarons are made by adding a hint of blue gel food coloring to macaron batter.

White chocolate ganache macaron filling is made adding hot heavy cream to white chocolate wafers. The hot cream melts the white chocolate and it becomes a rich, chocolatey filling for your blue macarons.

Blue Macarons Flavors

You can create your own striking blue macarons by adding a little blue gel food coloring in your macaron batter.

When you’re coloring your macarons, make sure you put enough gel food coloring in.

The color of your macaron batter should be darker than you want, prior to adding your meringue.

When you add your meringue, this stretches the color and makes it a lot less intense in color.

Learn how to color macarons if you haven’t colored macarons in the past.