How to Make Savory Macarons

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Savory macarons are a unique set of macarons that involve cheese, smoked salmon, or salty flavors to them.

The filling of savory macarons typically has a spreadable cheese base to them such as cream cheese or ricotta cheese.

Herbs and spices are added to the filling to create savory macarons.

How to Make Savory Macarons

What are savory macarons

Savory macarons have a salty or spicy flavor to them instead of the typical sweet macaron.

What can you top savory macaron shells with

  • poppy seeds
  • sea salt
  • dried chives
  • dried dill
  • pepper

What can savory macarons be filled with

Savory macarons can be filled with with:

  • ricotta
  • goat cheese
  • cream cheese
  • herbs – sage leaf, basil leaf
  • spices
  • smoked salmon
  • bacon

Typically a cheese that is spreadable works well for filling savory macarons because it will hold its shape after its been piped.

Spreadable cheeses like ricotta and cream cheese and it can easily be mixed with other herbs and spices to create delicious savory macarons.

What can savory macarons be filled with

6 Savory Macaron Recipe Ideas

Smoked Salmon Savory Macarons

Smoked salmon savory macarons are made with chives or dill on the tops of the macaron shells.

The filling of the smoked salmon savory macarons has a base of Boursin cheese, smoked salmon, lemon juice, chives, dill, and pepper to taste.

The filling is quite thick, therefore you can use the star piping tip to pipe the filling into a fancy design for your savory macarons.

Tomato Basil Feta Savory Macarons

Tomato basil savory macarons are made by making macaron shells, followed by a cream cheese filling.

The filling is made by creaming together cream cheese, feta cheese, basil leaves, lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Diced tomatoes are folded into the cream cheese savory macaron filling.

The macarons are assembled by placing 1 macaron shell, then adding a basil leaf, the cream cheese filling, and another macaron shell to sandwich the savory macaron together.

Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Savory Macarons

Smoked salmon and wasabi savory macarons are made with a cream cheese based filling.

The wasabi powder is mixed with a small amount of water to emulsify it.

Next, the cream cheese is beaten until fluffy, and then the wasabi paste mixture is added to it.

Soy sauce, milk, and green onions are added to the cream cheese base to make this savory macaron filling.

To assemble the smoked salmon and wasabi savory macarons, the cream cheese filling is piped onto the macaron shell, and then is topped with a strip of folded smoked salmon. A small amount of cream cheese macaron filling is piped on to of the smoked salmon for the other macaron shell to hold it closed.

These macarons are not able to be frozen, and it is recommended you assemble them right before serving.

Goat Cheese Savory Macarons

Goat cheese savory macarons are made with a fig compote. The figs are chopped, heated, and then cooled.

The filling is made with mascarpone cheese, goat cheese, and black sesame seeds creamed together.

To assemble the goat cheese savory macarons, pipe a ring of the creamy goat cheese mixture around the edge of the macaron shell. Add the fig compote to the center of the macaron. Top with the other macaron shell and sandwich together.

Pimento Cheese Savory Macarons

Pimento cheese savory macarons are made with a mixing pimento cheese with heavy cream in a food processor until fully combined. You can even make your own pimento cheese at home for a more intense flavor for your savory macarons.

Bacon Savory Macarons

Bacon savory macarons are made with a buttercream based filling. Butter is creamed with powdered sugar, and then a hint of maple syrup and vanilla extract are added. Mix in chopped pieces of bacon to create your savory macaron filling. Pipe inside your macaron shells and sandwich together for a savory bacon macaron.

Savory Macaron Recipe Ideas