How to Make Mousse Without Gelatin

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Mousse is a creamy decadent dessert that generally needs a stabilizer like gelatin if you’re making mousse with whipped cream.

However, there are options to make mousse without using gelatin. You’re going to need to use something that whips up thicker than whipped cream.

Coconut cream is a thick, creamy base you can use to make mousse with, without requiring the use of gelatin.

How to Make Mousse Without Gelatin

To use coconut cream as your base for making mousse, you’ll need to separate the coconut water from coconut cream.

Place the can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. The cream will solidify in the fridge, whereas the water will remain liquid.

Pour out the water from the can of coconut milk, we won’t be using coconut water to make mousse.

Another thing to note, if you’re making a fruit or berry mousse, you’ll want to mix the mousse right before you serve it. You can prepare the mousse the day before you want to serve it, just mix immediately before serving it into dishes.

The water from the puree or fruit will separate from the coconut milk overtime, but this does not effect the flavor, only the look of the mousse.

Place the coconut cream in a stand mixer, and beat it on medium speed for about 5-7 minutes. The coconut cream should be whipped until it’s thick and creamy for your mousse.

At this point, you can flavor your mousse using a berry puree. Make sure you remove the seeds by using a strainer. You’ll want a smooth, concentrated sauce to flavor your coconut cream with.

Another option to flavor your mousse is by adding melted chocolate, or cocoa powder to create a chocolate creamy mousse.

You can add decorations to your mousse made without gelatin by using berries, chocolate scrolls, or powdered sugar dusted on top.

Try making raspberry mousse, or chocolate mousse to make mousse without gelatin.