How to Paint on Macarons

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Macarons can be painted on, just like a blank canvas. You can use a food safe paint brush to make beautiful brush stokes on macarons for a unique look to your specialty cookies.

You can paint on macarons using either powdered food coloring or gel food coloring with a couple of drops of almond extract.

See video here.

How to Paint on Macarons

Using a food safe paint brush gently paint on your macaron. You don’t want to use too much almond extract. If you pour too much, the color will be more like watercolor paint.

If you just use a little almond extract, the color will be strong and easily painted on the macaron. The color will not run.

For any other further designs, you can draw on your macarons using edible markers.

When painting on macarons, make sure you have let the shells fully cool, then fill the macarons.

After you’ve filled all of your macarons, you’re ready to paint on your designs.