9 Fruits that Go Well with Caramel Sauce

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Caramel sauce is one of the sweetest sauces you can eat, therefore selecting fruits that are more tart are more desirable for pairing.

These complimenting flavors create a flavor balance in the mouth, making your taste buds very satisfied.

  1. pineapple
  2. apples
  3. pears
  4. peaches
  5. bananas
  6. grapes
  7. watermelon
  8. cantaloupe
  9. oranges

Apples have a neutral flavor that aren’t overpowering. This makes apples an easy fruit to add flavoring to. For more fancy apple slices, you can drizzle caramel, melted chocolate, nuts and sprinkles. Check out these caramel apple slices for some inspiration.

If you’ve never tried caramel apple nachos, you have to give it a try for dessert! Caramel apple nachos are made with sliced apples and caramel sauce drizzled on top. The caramel sauce is topped with a few chocolate chips or your favorite candy items.

Bananas can be either tart or sweet depending on how ripe they are. Caramel goes well over bananas giving it a bit of an extra sweetness to it. You can add bananas and caramel sauce over pancakes, waffles, ice cream, yogurt, or cheesecake using this recipe.

Pears have a bit sweetness to them, and are delicious when paired with caramel sauce. Try making your own caramel dipped pears with nuts, chocolate shavings or sprinkles on the bottom of them. They are one of most beautiful fruit desserts to serve to family and friends.

Typically maybe people have had apple crisp growing up. However for an added twist, you can try out caramel pear crisp which combines caramel drizzled fruit with streusel crisp topping.

Grapes paired with caramel sauce go very well together. In fact, you can make caramel dipped grapes with nuts coating the sides. Using a tooth pick, pierce the grape, then delicately dip the grape into the caramel sauce. Roll the grape in nuts and let it dry on some parchment paper. They are a lovely snack, appetizer, or light dessert.

Fruit platters are such a treat to bring to parties. You can make a fruit platter by using 3-5 fruits and then place a serving of caramel in the middle of the platter. Dipping fruit in caramel sauce can be a bit messy. Make sure to place a few side plates and napkins with your fruit platter.

What kind of fruit goes well with ice cream and caramel sauce

If you’re serving your caramel sauce and fruit for dessert, you can also add ice cream as a variety for your guests. You can make a caramel sundae with fresh chopped up fruit using:

  • peaches
  • apples
  • pears
  • bananas
what fruits go well with caramel sauce