Ice Cream Presentation Ideas

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Ice cream can be made as a layered ice cream dessert, placed in a chocolate cup, or paired with fresh herbs to present it as a chef’s professional looking dessert.

Use your imagination to create your own ice cream presentation ideas at home.

You don’t need any fancy tools to create beautiful ice cream desserts in your own kitchen.

Layered Ice Cream

You can make a layered ice cream dessert using 2 flavors of ice cream, and a center filling.

We’ll be using a half sphere silicone mold to create this beautifully presented ice cream dessert.

  • 2 types of ice cream
  • chocolate ganache, jam, or vanilla custard for the filling
  • 1-3 toppings for the ice cream
ice cream presentation ideas

If you’re using chocolate ganache as your center filling, make it the day before you’re preparing your layered ice cream. Freeze the chocolate ganache once it’s prepared so you’re ready to fill your silicone molds the following day.

Select the ice cream for your outer layer. Your outer layer will be the one that will have your toppings on it.

how to put ice cream in silicone mold for dessert

Place your ice cream in the silicone mold. Use a metal spoon to press the ice cream around so that all of the sides are covered in ice cream. Try to make it a 1/2 cm in thickness. Place each silicone mold in the freezer in an airtight container as you complete them. They will start to melt very quickly and it will be messy.

Freeze for 30 min – 1 hour. Then you’re ready for your next layer. Select your inner layer of ice cream. Use a fresh metal spoon to put the ice cream in the molds. Press the ice cream into the first layer so it’s completely covered. The thickness isn’t as important for this one, just make sure you leave a bit of space for the center flavor.

Freeze for 30 min – 1 hour. Now you’re ready for your final layer. Use a melon baller or a fresh spoon to scoop your center layer of ice cream or ganache. Chocolate ganache is typically very hard when it comes right out of the freezer, so it’s best if you thaw it out for 5-8 min before trying to scoop it. Press your final layer into your silicone mold. It doesn’t have to be flat by any means, just make sure it’s filled and pressed into your second layer.

Freeze your silicone mold dessert overnight.

how to make desserts in silicone molds

When you’re ready to present your ice cream dessert, remove the silicone mold from your ice cream. Use your fingers on either side of the silicone mold to peel the outer silicone mold off of the ice cream, with your thumb on the top of the mold pushing the ice cream out. Try to take them out and place them directly onto your serving plate.

Once you have all of your desserts on their serving plates, you can top your ice cream. Use 1-2 toppings for your layered ice cream dessert. You can use caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, cookie crumbles, etc.

ice cream presentation ideas

Ice Cream in a Chocolate Cup

Chocolate cups can be made using a silicone mold, plastic cup, or paper cupcake liner.

If you’re wanting to use a plastic cup, you’ll have to cut it off of the chocolate cup once it’s hardened in the freezer.

If you’re using a paper liner, gently peel off of the paper liner when you’re ready to fill your chocolate cup.

Chocolate cups are made using melting chocolate wafers. The melted chocolate is “painted” onto a cup-like surface until it’s entirely covered, right up to the top edges. Make sure the top edges have a good amount of chocolate on them. Otherwise, the edges could break off easily since there wouldn’t be much chocolate holding it together.

Place the chocolate cup in the freezer for at least 1 hour. The freezer will make the chocolate solidify quicker, and it will be much harder than if you put it in the freezer.

When you’re ready to serve your ice cream, remove the chocolate cup from the freezer. Remove the silicone mold from the chocolate cup.

Take an ice cream scoop that will be the perfect size for your chocolate cup and scoop your ice cream. Release the ice cream from the scoop, directly into the chocolate cup.

Top the ice cream with any toppings you like – caramel sauce, crushed cookies, sprinkles, peanut butter cups, etc.

Serve your wonderfully presented ice cream to your guests. They will love breaking up the chocolate cup to eat with their ice cream!

ice cream presentation ideas

Ice Cream with Fresh Herbs

Ice cream can be paired with fresh herbs to give it a hint of extra flavor.

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and candied nuts can be easily paired with fresh mint leaves for a chocolate mint flavors.

The ice cream will be decadent and creamy with a pop of mint flavor.

ice cream presentation ideas

Ice cream that is flavored with other herbs, like culinary lavender, can be served with a garnish of fresh lavender.

Lavender ice cream has an earthy flavor, and when paired with vanilla gives it a sweeter finish to the ice cream.

Garnishing your ice cream with an herb that matches the flavor of the ice cream is a wonderful presentation idea for ice cream.

Garnish Ice Cream Presentation Ideas

  • freeze dried roses
  • fresh rose petals
  • lemon rind
  • orange rind
  • basil leaves
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • raspberries
  • chocolate spirals
  • whipped cream
  • caramel sauce
  • chocolate sauce
  • candied nuts
  • sprinkles
ice cream presentation ideas