How to Make Bee Macarons

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Bee macarons are the perfect cookie for a baby shower, birthday celebration, or summertime get together. They are one of the most adorable macarons you can make! Your guests will love how unique and detailed the macarons are.

Bee macarons are made by piping out the appropriate shapes using a Bee Macaron Template, and adding a few decorations to it.

White chocolate is painted onto the wings to create the shimmer look for the wings. You could use gold dust and paint on the gold shimmer to give the wings an even more beautiful look to them.

The stripes, face, and antennae are added using an edible marker.

Bee macarons need to be made in forward template and reverse template shapes so they can be sandwiched together easily and have their shapes match.

bee macaron printable templates

What color should you use for bee macarons

Add a bit of lemon yellow gel food coloring to your macaron batter to make your bee macarons bright yellow.

We’ll add the black colored stripes later with an edible marker.

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What recipe to use for bee macarons

You can use your favorite Italian method macaron recipe for your bee macarons.

Once you’re ready to pipe your macarons, you can print out your bee macaron template.

How to make bee macarons

  1. Print out your bee macaron template.
  2. Place the bee macaron template underneath your silicone mat or parchment paper fitted on a baking pan.
  3. Fill your piping bag with macaron batter fitted with a 1/2” tip.
  4. Pipe the body of the bee first. Start at the front of the bee and drag the tip to the other end of the bee.
  5. Add the wings by starting at the top of the wing and dragging the wing downwards into the body. Repeat for the other wing.
  6. Using a toothpick, guide the stinger of the bee into a point.
  7. Remove your template from underneath your silicone mat or parchment paper.
  8. Remove the air bubbles from the macarons by banging the bottom of the baking pan.
  9. Bake, cool, and fill the macarons.
  10. Add eyes, antennae, and stripes to the bee using an edible marker.
  11. Using melted white chocolate, add the chocolate to the wings in a teardrop shape using a food safe paint brush.
  12. Store your bee macarons in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days, or in the freezer for up to 1 month.
How to Make Bee Macarons

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