How to Make Designs on Macarons

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Macarons are one of the most difficult, finicky, delicate desserts to master at home. When you get the hang of making your own macarons, you can move on to making designs on top of your macarons to take them to the next level.

How to Make Designs on Macarons

How to make designs on macarons

One of the easiest ways to make designs on macarons is by simply drawing your design onto your macaron using an edible marker.

You can write names, draw pictures, anything you want that will make your macaron very customizable.

Be careful when you’re pressing the pen onto the macaron. The macaron shell is very delicate, so you will want to press lightly when you’re drawing your design onto your macarons.

Typically people only draw on one side of the macarons. You can draw on your macarons after you have filled them to give them that final touch of beauty.

how to draw on macarons

How to Brush Color onto Macarons

To brush color onto macarons you can use powdered food coloring and a bit of almond extract.

Mix the two together in a small bowl. Paint the color onto the macaron using a food grade paint brush.

You can use anything from a small tipped paint brush for fine details, or a large paint brush to give them a gold shimmer.

To get that glittery gold look onto your macarons you can brush the macarons with gold dust with a bit of almond extract.

how to paint on macarons

Another way to paint on macarons is by using melted chocolate.

You don’t need much melted chocolate, it usually goes a long way when painting. When you have your melted chocolate, dip your food grade paint brush and make small brush strokes onto your macaron.

Since chocolate is quite thick, it will give a bit of a ridge to the chocolate when it dries – giving the macaron a textured look.

It looks quite beautiful when you paint chocolate into a flower with the petals having a bit of texture to them.

How to make Multicolored Macarons

Create you macaron batter with your colors and get ready to pipe. Pipe your initial color onto your macaron mat. This will be the circle portion, or if you’re making a different shape of macaron, this will be the base. Pipe your first color onto your template. Next, add your smaller detailed colors. This could be the ears of an animal – pipe small circles so they touch the round macaron to create the ears. You could be making a truck macaron – pipe the small circles to create the tires. If you’re wanting a layered macaron – could be a bears nose – pipe the color directly onto your circle macaron that you initially piped. You’ll want to pipe it ~15 min after you’ve piped the first color. This allows the first color to dry a bit, and can hold the next color adequately so it sits on top of the initial colored macaron. Let it dry for another 15 min until it forms a skin on it. Bake the macarons as you normal. Let the shells cool, and then fill them. Now you’re to draw on any extra decoration you want for your macarons.

how to make character macarons at home
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