Chocolate Tart Decoration Ideas

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Chocolate tarts are rich with chocolate, and can be decorated using a few simple foods.

Chocolate tarts can have fruit, coffee, cocoa powder, and chocolate decorations added to it for a professional looking dessert.

Try out using these simple, alluring decorations for your chocolate tart.

Chocolate Tart Decoration Ideas

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Chocolate covered coffee beans add a hint of coffee to your chocolate tart.

Chocolate covered coffee beans are crunchy, so they add a hard texture when biting into the chocolate tart.

Chocolate covered coffee beans are overwhelming with flavor, therefore you only need a couple to decorate your chocolate tart with.

Chocolate Tart Decoration Ideas

Chocolate Decoration

Chocolate decorations can be made with any color of chocolate.

All you need to do is melt your chocolate, and pipe the chocolate in an intricate design on a piece of parchment paper.

Place the chocolate in the freezer to make it sturdy, and then place it on top of the chocolate tart.

It also works well if you put a little whipped cream on the tart, and then place the chocolate decoration into the whipped cream.

Whipped Cream

Vanilla whipped cream is a soft, creamy topping you can decorate your chocolate tart with.

The whipped cream adds a contrasting color to the tart, making it look vibrant.

The velvety smooth vanilla whipped cream will add a rich flavor to your chocolate tart. Try making a chocolate decoration to place into the whipped cream for a intricately decorated chocolate tart.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel sauce is a sticky, sweet and salty flavor that goes well with chocolate tarts.

Salted caramel adds a hint of sugar and a unique salty finish for the chocolate tart.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be used to decorate chocolate tarts with, using a bit of arrangement.

You can place raspberries face up with the flat side down so they don’t fall over or move around.

Sweeter fruit goes better with chocolate tarts, so it’s best to use raspberries or strawberries on top of your chocolate tart.

  • raspberries
  • kiwi slices
  • sliced strawberries

White chocolate scrolls

Use a potato peeler and grate the chocolate away from you to create white chocolate scrolls.

It’s best if you grate the scrolls right on top of the tart, so you don’t damage them trying to pick them up (or melting them with your fingers).

Melted White Chocolate

Melt white chocolate, then place the chocolate in a piping bag fitted with a narrow round tip. The chocolate comes out fast so you have to work quickly.

Pipe your chocolate in lines, or intersecting lines to give the tart a beautiful decoration.

Mint Leaves

You can arrange a few mint leaves on the tops of your chocolate tarts for a vibrant pop of green color.

Mint is a powerful flavor, most people will pick it off prior to eating their chocolate tart. It’s more of a decoration.

Cocoa Powder

You can add a little dusting of cocoa powder to the top of your chocolate tart for an added decoration.

Only add a sparing amount, because by itself, cocoa powder is quite bitter tasting.

Icing Roses

Using the star tip, you can pipe buttercream icing roses on the tops of your chocolate tart.

If you’re making mini chocolate tarts, pipe 1 large rose on the top of it.

If you’re making a large chocolate tart, you can pipe roses along the edge along with a few green leaves.

Icing decorations on the top of the chocolate tart will make it look artistic and eye catching.


Tiny chopped up nuts work well for a pop of texture in your chocolate tart.

Adding pistachios will add a lovely green color to the chocolate tart. Pistachios pair well with a few fresh raspberries to decorate your chocolate tart with.

  • pistachios
  • pecans
  • walnuts
  • almonds