How to Eat a Croissant Without Making a Mess

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Eating croissants usually involve making a mess. Croissants are a flaky food to eat, so there will always be some sort of mess to clean up. However, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid the mess they make.

  1. Wrap the croissant: Wrap your croissant in a napkin, or plastic wrap and eat it from the end first. Lower the napkin as needed to expose more of the croissant. The napkin will gather all of the flaked pieces that fall from it. This will also avoid getting your fingers greasy. Since croissants are made with butter laminated throughout the pastry, they tend to make your fingers greasy if you touch them.
  2. Tear the croissant into bite sized pieces: Use your fingers to pull apart pieces of the croissant. All of the mess from the flaked bits of croissant will gather on your plate.
  3. Use a fork and knife: Use a sharp knife to cut through the layers of the croissant and cut them into bite sized pieces. This is still an elegant way to eat a croissant without the mess.