How to Assemble a Piping Bag

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To assemble a piping bag, you’ll need:

  • large wide mouthed, tall glass
  • piping bag
  • piping tip
  • scissors
  1. Place a piping tip inside a piping bag at the end of the bag.
  2. Twist the bag right above the piping tip. (see photos below)
  3. Fold the twisted end upwards, to prevent the contents from seeping out.
  4. Place the bag in a large tall glass.
  5. Fold the edges of the bag over the glass.
  6. Fill the piping bag.
  7. Twist the piping bag closed. Lift the bag up and place it on its side on the counter.
  8. Measure how far you will need to cut the bag from the end to expose the piping tip.
  9. Cut the piping bag about 1/2-1″ from the end.
  10. Gently guide the piping tip down so it sits perfectly at the end of the piping bag.
  11. Twist the piping bag to push the contents down and let it come out of the piping bag.
  12. Pipe.
How to Assemble a Piping Bag