How to get Bright Colored Macarons

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Making bright colored macarons is easy to do with selecting the right type of food coloring. 

What type of food coloring to use for bright colored macarons?

  • Gel food coloring
  • Powdered food coloring
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How to use gel food coloring for bright colored macarons?

  • Use a toothpick to obtain a small amount of coloring
  • Add the coloring to your bowl of egg whites
  • Mix the color with the almond flour, icing sugar and egg whites until fully combined

How to use powdered food coloring for bright colored macarons?

  • Measure out ¼ tsp of powdered food coloring
  • Add the powdered food coloring to the egg whites and mix together
  • Add the almond flour and icing sugar and mix until it’s fully combined

You cannot use water based food coloring when making macarons. The liquid interferes with the macarons ratio of dry and liquid ingredients you have measured out. Everything you have weighed, measured, sifted, whipped, etc. will be lost due to the liquid not being accounted for in the recipe. Your macarons will not turn out if you use liquid water based food coloring.

Can you make more than 1 color per recipe when making macarons?

  • No

You need to make each color separately with a different batch of macarons. 

If you’re wanting to create an array of bright colored macarons, you need to make multiple batches. Since macarons take a long time to make, consider making a couple batches each day and then freezing them until you have all of the colors made for your upcoming event. 

Another option is to paint the macarons with powdered food coloring. Use an edible paint brush to put the color on. Use a pinch of color, and add almond extract. Paint the color onto the macaron.

Macarons will keep well in the freezer for at least 3-4 weeks when kept in an airtight container. Each batch you make will be about ~40 macarons give or take. This will give you plenty of variety if you make 4-5 batches of macarons.

pink macarons