Lemon Tart Garnish Ideas

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Lemon Tart Garnish Ideas

Lemon tart garnishes can range from dusted powdered sugar to cookie cutter pie toppings.

Lemon Tart Decoration Ideas:

  • candied lemon slices
  • dusted powdered sugar
  • white chocolate scrolls – made using a potato peeler against a bar of white chocolate
  • melted white chocolate, then put 2 diagonal lines next to one another, and another 2 diagonal lines intersecting about an inch from the edge of the lemon tart
  • trio of blueberries
  • trio of blackberries
  • raspberries in the center
  • kiwi slices

How to make pie crust decorations

Pie crust decorations are made using leftover pie dough. The pie dough is then cut using cookie cutters and made into pie crust decoration that can be arranged on the top of a cooked and cooled pie.

How to make pie art using cutouts

Pie art is easy to do with some leftover pastry dough from making your pie.

  1. Roll out your leftover pie crust. The thickness of your pie art dough should be ~1/4”
  2. Using cookie cutters, carefully cookie cut the pie dough into shapes you want to top your pie with.
  3. Bake the pie art when you’re cooking your pie. Usually cooking them for 5-8 min until they just begin turning color on the edges. Do not overbrown them or they will be overcooked.
  4. Once your pie has finished cooking and cooling, arrange the pie art on your pie.
  5. Serve!
How to make pie art using cutouts

Pie crust cut outs are so simple and yet so stunningly beautiful to change your pie from boring to beautiful! Try to make them a theme for your guests so it goes with the occasion. If you don’t have any themed cookie cutters, stars and hearts are a great combo to try out.

how to make pie crust decorations

How to make pie crust flowers

To make pie crust flowers you have a few options to choose from. Pie crust flowers can be made using cookie cutters. Once you’ve decided on your cookie cutters, you can use a narrow tool to add any more decorations to your pie cutouts. You can add stems, details, drawings on your pie cutouts before baking.

How to make rose pie crust flowers

Rose pie crust flowers are made using a circle cookie cutter. Then roll the dough up. Cut the dough in half in the middle. Stand the rose pie crust flower up on the flat side. Bake the rose pie crust flower with it standing up. It should just be starting to turn a light brown, and then it will be finished baking.

You can bake pie art for 5-8 min at 375 degrees F. These can be baked on an aluminum baking pan at the same time as your pie goes in the oven. Just make sure to watch your pie crust art very closely to make sure they don’t burn.

how to make pie crust decorations

Pie crust decorations will be a great decoration to add to a pie or a tart. You can use an egg wash (1 egg + 1 tbsp milk) and brush your pie crust decorations before they go into the oven for an added glistening effect for your pie crust decorations. You can also dust them with powdered sugar for a starry look to them. Get creative and start decorating your pie crusts the next time you’re having guests over for pie!