5 Tart Filling Recipes

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Tart filling recipes can be made from custard, sugar syrups, jam, or ganache. Tarts are a sweet dessert than be made with fruit, berry, chocolate or nut fillings.

Tart Filling Recipes

Lemon Tart Filling

Lemon tarts are filled with lemon cream custard. Lemon cream has a thicker custard consistency, and is much more creamy and smooth than lemon curd.

Lemon cream is made by making a custard thickened with eggs over a double boiler.

At the end of the lemon custard it is thinned out by adding cubed butter to make it buttery and creamy.

Lemon tarts can be topped with drizzled white chocolate ganache to give the tarts a sweeter finish.

Tart Filling Recipes

Butter Tart Filling

Butter tart filling is made by combining butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and an egg over medium head to create a sauce. Butter tarts get their syrupy makeup from adding corn syrup to thicken the sauce.

Raspberry Ganache Tart Filling

Raspberry ganache tart filling is made by pureeing raspberries and removing the seeds by a strainer.

Once the raspberries are pureed and deseeded, it is warmed up in a saucepan with heavy cream.

Just before the cream starts to boil, the raspberry cream mixture is poured over chopped up white chocolate.

The raspberry ganache is mixed until it becomes smooth and glossy.

The tart filling is added to the tart shells after they have been baked, and need to chill for a few hours before serving.

Blueberry Ganache Tart Filling

Blueberry ganache tart filling is made by adding blueberries to heavy cream and warming in a saucepan.

As the blueberries cook, they will become soft and easy to break and squeeze the juice out of them.

Once the heavy cream and blueberries are almost boiling, they are strained through a strainer to remove the skins of the blueberries.

The blueberry juice and heavy cream mixture is poured over a bowl of chopped up white chocolate to create the blueberry ganache tart filling.

Chocolate Tart Filling

Chocolate tart filling is made by heating butter and heavy cream in a saucepan until almost boiling.

The hot cream and butter mixture is poured over a combination of equal parts bittersweet dark chocolate and milk chocolate to create a chocolate ganache tart filling.

The chocolate and cream and mixed together until smooth, and then poured into a tart shell. The tart shell is made of crushed Oreo’s and butter to give it a bit of a sweeter shell.

The chocolate tart should be chilled for a few hours prior to serving.