Types of Stuffed Croissants for Dessert

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Dessert croissants can be stuffed with a variety of foods including fruit, custard or chocolate.

vanilla custard croissant dessert
vanilla custard stuffed croissant

There is no need to make your own croissant dough until you’re ready to take on that task. Purchase croissant dough in the freezer aisle and thaw it out until it’s ready to be worked with.

croissant dough

Recipe ideas for stuffed dessert croissants

  • Vanilla bean custard – can be made with vanilla bean paste, or scrape the vanilla bean right from the pod
  • Chocolate – use semi-sweet for a more sweet flavor, or bittersweet if you don’t want a ton of sweetness. Do not overfill the croissant or the chocolate will end up all over your pan
  • Cream cheese with raspberries
  • Raspberry sauce, strawberry-raspberry sauce (similar sauce you would make for topping pancakes)
croissant dough with vanilla custard

Vanilla custard stuffed croissants are shown here. You can pretty well stuff these as full as possible because the custard is so thick and creamy. It won’t cover your pan in custard. These croissants are best served right out of the oven, still warm. Consider warming them just before serving if it’s not possible to serve right out of the oven.

stuffed croissant dessert

Add an egg glaze over your croissants. Ever inch should be covered in egg, right down each of the sides to the pan. This is going to give you that beautiful brown coloring.

stuffed vanilla custard croissant dessert

Dust the croissants with icing sugar for an added look of beauty to wow your guests!

how to dust powdered sugar

I used Hersey’s chocolate chips to fill these chocolate dessert croissants. They did not disappoint! You can see I did overfill some of them, so the bottoms are covered in chocolate. Live and learn!

pain au chocolat

What can you fill dessert croissants with after baking?

Slice the croissant in half, then fill with:

It’s a ton of fun for your family to stuff croissants for dessert. They will love creating their own mixtures and combinations! Try it out for your next family get together!