5 Purple Macaron Flavors

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Purple macarons are brilliant with color and bursting with flavor.

You can color your own purple macarons at home using gel or powdered food coloring.

Purple macarons have fruit or tea flavors that are sweet and decadent.

Blackberry Macarons

Blackberry macarons are made by adding a purple gel food coloring to the macaron batter.

The filling is made by creating a white chocolate ganache, and then placing 1/2 of a fresh blackberry in the center.

When you bite into blackberry macarons you have the creamy, sweet ganache, paired with the tart, burst of blackberry flavor.

Purple Macaron Flavors

Earl Grey Macarons

Earl grey macarons are made by adding purple gel food coloring and ground up earl grey tea leaves to macaron batter.

Early grey macarons are filled with earl grey buttercream icing.

Early grey tea leaves are added to a buttercream icing base to create this mesmerizing tea macaron flavor.

Taste test, and add more tea if necessary to have a punch of earl grey flavor.

Lavender Macarons

Lavender macarons are made by adding ground up dried lavender to macaron batter.

The filling is a honey buttercream frosting.

You can add more ground up dried lavender to the honey buttercream if you want even more lavender flavor in your lavender macarons.

Purple Macaron Flavors

Cotton Candy Macarons

Cotton candy macarons are made by adding cotton candy food flavoring and purple gel food coloring to macaron batter.

The center filling is a cotton candy white chocolate ganache. Cotton candy food flavoring is added to hot cream and white chocolate to create this deliciously sweet and fun flavor of macarons.

London Fog Macarons

London fog macarons are made by adding lavender extract to macaron batter. You can also sprinkle a bit of culinary lavender to the tops of the macarons if desired.

Earl grey buttercream icing is the filling for these delicious macarons.

Add vanilla extract, and a full bag of Earl grey tea leaves to the base of a buttercream frosting.

Taste test, you might need to add more tea leaves or vanilla extract to get the taste just right.