How to Dust Powdered Sugar

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Powdered Sugar is dusted by using a sifter to separate the powdered sugar into dust form. 

How to put a dusting of powdered sugar for a decoration on the top of your recently made creation:

  1. Put about ¼ cup powdered sugar into a sifter
  2. Place over your creation, touch the side of the sifter with a bit of force to let the sugar be dusted onto the creation
  3. Move the sifter to a different location until the whole item is covered to your liking.
how to dust powdered sugar with sifter

What is a sifter?

A sifter is used in the kitchen to separate clumps of food. It looks like a mesh bowl with a handle. It looks similar to a strainer, but it has a long handle. The mesh on a sifter is very fine, unlike a strainer which is a bit larger. This way, it will have to pass through very small holes creating only a tiny amount of icing sugar passing through at a time.

This creates the “dust” look on a dessert

How does the sifter work?

A sifter increases the surface area of the icing sugar by separating it. 

Sifters are made of stainless steel. They resist wear and tear, and you can put them in the dishwasher when they are very dirty. 

How to clean a sifter?

Tap the sifter on the garbage can, or into the sink to get the excess off. Wash with soap and water when you want to give it a good clean after a few uses.

Only use your sifter when it’s fully dry. Otherwise, you’ll have clumps of icing sugar that will not be able to pass through your sifter.

Dusting powdered sugar onto your dessert is easily done by using a sifter and about ¼ cup of powdered sugar. Tap the sifter gently to dust lightly onto the food. Add more as needed.

how to dust powdered sugar