When to Add Food Coloring to Macarons

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The best time to add food coloring to macarons is when you are starting to make the macronage. 

Initially, you are measuring and adding your egg whites to your bowl. Then add the food coloring. Mix the food coloring with the egg whites.

Add your sifted, weighed and measured almond flour and icing sugar to the bowl with the egg whites that have the food coloring.

At this point, you need to mix them all together until you obtain a uniform coloring for your macaronage (macaron batter). 

pink macaron with sprinkles

When you are adding your food coloring, try to make the color much more intense than you initially planned for.

Your color is going to be stretched much further than the initial color.

You still have to add all of the meringue to your bowl, which will dilute out the color you have put into your bowl.

What kind of food coloring to use for macarons

You cannot use your usual water based colors. The liquid interferes with the macarons. Everything you have weighed, measured, sifted, whipped, etc. will be lost due to the liquid not being accounted for in the recipe. Your macarons will not turn out if you use liquid water based food coloring.

How to use gel food coloring for macarons

  • Use a toothpick to obtain a small amount of coloring
  • Add the coloring to your bowl of egg whites
  • Mix the color with the almond flour, icing sugar and egg whites until fully combined

How to use powdered food coloring for macarons

  • Measure out ¼ tsp of powdered food coloring
  • Add the powdered food coloring to the egg whites and mix together
  •  Add the almond flour and icing sugar and mix until it’s fully combined
coffee macaron
coffee macaron

How to use coffee, Oreo crumbs or cocoa powder in macarons for adding color and flavor to your macaron shells

  • Add anywhere from ¼ tsp to 4 tsp of cocoa powder or coffee grounds to your egg whites
  • Mix with almond flour and icing sugar until fully combined
oreo macarons

How to use tea in macarons

  • Place the tea leaves in a mortar and pestle
  • Grind up the tea – not too much that it forms a powder. You still want to be able to see the tea leaves, but not for them to be in large pieces
  • Place the tea into the egg whites. Mix the leaves with the almond flour and icing sugar until fully combined

Adding food coloring to macarons makes them desirable and eye catching.

Try out making your own colored macarons at home using either powdered or gel food coloring after adding your initial egg whites.

Mix the colored egg whites with your almond flour and icing sugar until it’s fully combined. 

pink macaron-with dark chocolate ganache filling