Recipes Using Hazelnut Praline Paste

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Hazelnut praline paste is a nutty-caramel paste you can use in lavish desserts.

Hazelnut praline paste can be used to create hazelnut sauce, bases for cakes, granola treats, squares, and rich hazelnut mousse.

Try using your leftover praline paste to create these tasty desserts!

Recipes Using Hazelnut Praline Paste

Hazelnut Sauce

Hazelnut sauce is made by adding hot heavy cream to praline paste.

They are mixed together until smooth, and then the sauce is cooled to room temperature.

Hazelnut sauce can be used on top of ice cream, in lattes, or in other decadent desserts.

Hazelnut Sauce Recipe using praline paste

Praline Feuilletine

Praline Feuillentine is used as a base for making intricate cakes.

Praline feuillentine is made by mixing together melted chocolate, praline paste, and paillete feuilletine.

The mixture is placed into the bottom of a baking pan, and let to set in the fridge until ready to use.

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Hazelnut Squares

Hazelnut squares are made by combining praline paste with tempered chocolate.

The hazelnut-chocolate mixture is poured into a pan, and then it sets over the next couple of hours.

The hazelnut squares are cut into pieces, and then you can dip them again into melted chocolate for a rich hazelnut square.

Coffee Buns

Coffee buns are made by preparing a yeast dough and letting it rise.

The buns are baked, and then iced with coffee icing.

The tops of the coffee buns have praline paste spread on top of them to give them a hint of hazelnut flavor.

Pecan Praline Cheesecake

Pecan praline cheesecake is made by grinding up vanilla wafers and pecans to create the crust of the cheesecake.

The wafers and pecans are mixed with butter and pressed into the bottom of the cheesecake pan.

The cheesecake is prepared, and then the praline paste is mixed in to make a marbled praline cheesecake.

After the cheesecake has baked and cooled, melted white chocolate is mixed with a bit more praline paste.

The cheesecakes are topped with the white chocolate praline mixture, and a candied pecan.

Hazelnut Buttercream

Hazelnut buttercream can be used to fill macarons, or on top of cupcakes for a delicious buttery – nut flavored dessert.

Hazelnut buttercream is made by heating egg whites, sugar, and salt in a double boiler.

After the eggs have thickened a bit, the mixture is beaten until glossy with a bit of vanilla extract. Butter is added in with only small pieces at a time, making the buttercream rich and creamy.

At the end, praline paste is beaten into the buttercream.

The hazelnut buttercream is a nutty, buttery icing that goes well with chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.

Chocolate Granola Praline Treats

Chocolate granola praline treats are chocolatey treats that are quite filling from the granole.

Chocolate is melted in a double boiler, and then the praline paste is mixed into the melted chocolate.

Fresh homemade granola is added to the praline-chocolate and mixed together until the granola is fully coated.

Using a melon baller, scoop the chocolate granola treats onto a piece of parchment paper.

Let the treats harden in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and then serve!

Hazelnut Praline Mousse

Hazelnut praline mousse can be eaten on it’s own, or you can use it in a dessert like a tart filling.

Hazelnut praline mousse is made by whipping heavy cream until soft peaks form.

In another bowl, cream cheese is beaten with praline paste, brown sugar, and vanilla.

A little bit of the whipped cream is beaten into the cream cheese mixture.

Then the rest of the soft peaked whipped cream is folded into the cream cheese praline to make it into mousse.

The mousse should be chilled for 1 hour prior to serving.