6 Summer Latte Flavors

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On a hot summer’s day, you want a latte that is refreshing, fruity, and citrusy.

Summer lattes can easily be made “iced” by simply placing 3 ice cubes in a tall glass.

Pour your espresso over the ice cubes, and continue adding the syrup, extract, milk, and mix together.

Raspberry Caramel Latte

Raspberry caramel latte is a sweet, fruity latte.

Raspberry caramel latte is made by adding raspberry syrup, and salted caramel syrup to your latte. The salted caramel adds a salty finish to the latte.

If you’re wanting to make an iced raspberry latte, you can make raspberry puree by cooking frozen or fresh raspberries with icing sugar and lemon juice.

Once the mixture thickens and cools, you can use a tablespoon of raspberry puree and add that to a glass with ice cubes.

Add your espresso over the ice cubes and fill with milk. Mix together and enjoy this fruity, refreshing iced summer latte!

Summer Latte Flavors

Pink Rose Latte

Pink rose latte is a rose flavored latte. Think about how a rose smells, and that’s how it will actually taste! It’s a refreshing, unique flavored latte.

Pink rose made by adding culinary rosewater to a latte. A little goes a long way!! You only need about 1/2 tsp of rosewater for a full latte.

You can even add freeze dried roses to the top of the frothed milk for a beautiful pop of pink on the top of your latte.

Lemon Latte

Lemon latte is a tart, citrusy flavored latte.

Lemon latte is made by making your own lemon syrup at home using a simple syrup recipe, and adding lemon zest and lemon juice to it. Lemon syrup has a sweet, tart, and sharp flavor.

Add a couple of teaspoons of lemon syrup to your latte and enjoy!

You can add a little more sugar in your latte if needed!

Lavender Latte

Lavender latte has a fresh, earthy flavor.

Lavender latte is made by making your own lavender syrup at home by using culinary lavender added to a simple syrup recipe.

The buds from the culinary lavender ooze into the syrup, infusing their unique flavor into the syrup.

Lavender syrup will last about 2 weeks if you make it at home.

Summer Latte Flavors

White Chocolate Blueberry Latte

White chocolate blueberry latte is has a sweet flavor, combined with a hint of blueberry flavor.

Using a little white chocolate sauce, combined with blueberry syrup, you can make your own summer flavored latte at home.

Another option is to make your own blueberry sauce at home using a simple syrup and adding frozen blueberries.

Summer Latte Flavor ideas

Matcha Latte

Matcha latte is a green tea flavored latte. You can make it either iced or hot.

Matcha powder is mixed with hot water to create the green tea flavor.

Milk is added to make this green tea flavored latte.