What is Marshmallow Flavor

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Marshmallow flavor has a distinct sweet vanilla flavoring.

Vanilla flavoring can be added to marshmallows by using vanilla extract, or you can infuse vanilla beans into the sugar syrup.

Vanilla beans give a ton of flavor to marshmallows. The vanilla bean is cut down the center, and then the beans are scraped into the sugar syrup.

The entire vanilla bean pod can also be put into the sugar syrup to infuse the vanilla flavoring into the syrup.

The vanilla bean pod is removed prior to combining it with the stabilizers.

Marshmallows are more known for their unique texture. They have a soft, pillow texture, that can easily be squished together.

That’s why marshmallows work so well for making s’mores. The marshmallows condenses in between the graham cracker, and gives a vanilla flavor to the s’more.

Marshmallows are quite dense, yet they can easily be pressed and have it bounce back into its shape.

Marshmallows are made by adding whipping air to into a sugar syrup, that’s what makes the marshmallows have this bouncy texture to them.

Marshmallows use a stabilizer to have them keep their shape, they either use corn syrup, Italian meringue, or gelatin.

Marshmallow Flavor