How to Package Macarons

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Macarons must be delicately packaged in order to give them away, or to sell them.

Macarons have a short shelf life of 24 hours if they are packaged at room temperature.

For people that are shipping macarons to customers, typically they are packed with a ice pack to ensure they stay at fridge temperature while they are in transit. Macarons packaged at fridge temperature are good for 3 days.

Keep in mind when packaging your macarons, how long they will stay good for. You may need to try for freezer temperature if you need the macarons to stay good for more than 3 days. Macarons at freezer temperature are good for 1 month.

How to Package Macarons

Macaron Packaging Ideas

Macarons can be packaged in a ton of different ways! Packaging macaron is almost as important as the macarons themselves. People eat with their eyes first! Your packaging needs to be eye catching, thoughtful, and stand out.

Depending on on if you’re packaging your macarons to sell or to give away, here are a couple of macaron packaging ideas to try out.

  • macarons stacked on top of one another, and wrapped cellophane. Tie the top of the cellophane with ribbons and a small card for an intimate hand written message
  • clear macaron box – these come in a couple different sizes. You can find clear macaron boxes for 1, 2 or 6 macarons.
  • macaron packaging boxes – these come with a cardboard box, and a clear window so you can clearly see the colorful macarons inside the bakery box just waiting to be eaten!
  • plastic macaron inserts – macarons will fit snugly in the round plastic to make sure they are secure and not rolling around
  • cookie tin – if you’re short on clear boxes or cellophane, you can place them in your favorite cookie tin that you use for packing Christmas cookies in.
  • on a plate – you can beautifully color coordinate your macarons on a white plate. Cover the white plate with clear cling wraps so your gift can be admired by the recipient.

Macaron Packaging Boxes

Macaron packaging boxes are a beautiful way to display and sell your macarons. They have a peak a boo window in them. Macaron packaging boxes make macarons look like they are professionally baked and packaged. It gives a small glimpse to the gorgeous macarons inside which is just enough for people’s interest to be peaked!

Clear macaron packaging

Clear macaron packaging is where the entire box is clear so you can see the macarons from every angle.

Clear macaron packaging is perfect for a smaller number of macarons.

Clear packaging can make the macarons look professional and enticing. An added ribbon to clear macaron packaging will be the perfect finishing touch to your macarons.

12 macarons are a bit more difficult to find all clear macaron packaging. You have 2 options for packaging 12 macarons.

You can place them into a carboard box with a clear window, which looks professionally packaged. It gives enough of a peak into the box to see the colorful, eye catching macarons even from a distance.

Another option is to package them in a clear plastic macaron insert tray. Each side of the tray has semi circles so the macarons fit snug inside. Then the other half of the tray is placed over top to fully encase the macarons. This type of packaging is more fore transit, and you may want a nice box to place the insert inside.

Macaron Packaging Ideas

Macaron Boxes for 2 Macarons

Packaging macarons in sets of 2 macarons are perfect for:

  • a bridal shower thank you for coming gift
  • wedding guest thank you for coming gift
  • adding a small set of sweets to a birthday gift
  • teacher’s gift

Single Macaron Packaging

  • clear macaron box – perfect to tie ribbon around to make it a little more fancy. Include a small card with a thoughtful handwritten note inside
  • Black, gold or pink bottom plastic topped with a clear lid. Macaron will be placed on the bottom and you will see the color below the macaron, keep this in mind when selecting the color of bottom plastic.

How to Pack Macarons for Shipping

To ship macarons, you’re going to need a few ice packs in order for your macarons to stay chilled while they are in transit.

Ideally, you’ll have 1-2 ice packs surrounding your macaron packaging. If you have 1-2 ice packs, 1 on each side, this will ensure the macarons travel at freezer temperature.

If you’re wanting to ship at freezer temperature, the ice packs will stay good longer in a Styrofoam box.

The Styrofoam is able to keep the temperature inside much colder than if you were to ship the macarons in a cardboard box.

The Styrofoam also keeps the liquid from the ice packs from leaking on the cardboard.

  1. Obtain a cardboard box for shipping your macarons. Make sure it’s large enough to fit everything.
  2. Place the Styrofoam box inside the cardboard box. Remove the lid from the Styrofoam box.
  3. Place 1 ice pack on the bottom and 1 on the side inside the Styrofoam box.
  4. Place macarons inside a clear packaging box. Put the clear packaging box inside the Styrofoam box.
  5. Place the lid on the Styrofoam box.
  6. Seal the cardboard box and place shipping labels on the cardboard box.
  7. Ship macarons.
Clear macaron packaging