Best Sifter for Powdered Sugar

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The best sifter for powdered sugar is the 9″ Large Fine Mesh Strainer from Yummy Kitchenware

  • Fine mesh
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rounded edge – prevents food from being trapped
  • Made with a hook opposite the end of the handle – sifter can be placed on top of a bowl to rest
  • Dishwasher safe

What is a sifter used for

A sifter is used for breaking up lumps of food into smaller pieces. A sifter has a mesh basket that you can place food into. By gently tapping the side of the mesh basket, the broken up lumps of food will fall through the mesh creating smaller pieces. A fine mesh sifter will make the food into a powder. Powdered sugar is frequently used to top desserts to give it a finishing touch using a fine mesh sifter.

Why do you have to sift powdered sugar

Powdered sugar is an ingredient that ends up turning into clumped balls of sugar. This will not be evenly distributed sugar throughout your recipe. Make sure to sift your powdered sugar, then measure out your amount and add it to your recipe. Any excess sifted powdered sugar can be placed back into its container to reuse in the future. Learn how to dust powdered sugar on your favorite desserts.

What does it mean when a recipe calls for sifted flour

When a recipe calls for sifted flour, it’s asking you to first sift enough flour for your recipe into a bowl. Take your measuring cups and gently spoon the sifted flour into your measuring cups. Level off the excess of sifted flour using a flat surface, like the back of a knife. Once you’ve sifted and measured your flour, you can place it into your recipe.

Recipes that ask for sifted ingredients are measured after you have sifted them. You always need to measure your ingredients after you have sifted them because if you don’t, you’ll have measured too much more your recipe. Sifting your ingredients adds air to the food. Sifting makes food light and fluffy, not packed and dense. When you sift a food this increases the surface area of the food, giving it a lighter feel to it. Be careful spooning, measuring, and leveling off your freshly sifted ingredients. Keep all of the air by gently measuring your sifted ingredient.

What is the meaning of pre-sifted flour

Pre-sifted flour has already been sifted before packaging. By pre-sifting flour, this makes the manufacturer be able to put less flour into their package since the flour is not packed densely into the packaging. 

Do you have to sift pre-sifted ingredients

If you’ve purchased pre-sifted ingredients, you still need to sift your ingredient again for your recipe. Once the ingredient has been sitting for awhile, or moved in transit, it’s likely the food has become dense and clumped. Use your sifter to sift your ingredient, and then measure for your recipe is best practice.

Can you use a flour sifter for powdered sugar

Yes. You can use the same flour sifter as you do for your powdered sugar.

How to measure powdered sugar

You can measure powdered sugar by measuring it after sifting. Spoon the powdered sugar and place it into a measuring cup. Level off the excess powdered sugar by using a flat surface (back of a knife) to push off the excess powdered sugar.

You can measure powdered sugar by measuring it by weight. After you have sifted your powdered sugar, you can spoon it into a bowl on a kitchen scale to measure it’s weight for your recipe.

Best Sifter for Powdered Sugar