9 Printable Macaron Templates

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Create your own animal macarons, truck macarons, heart macarons, or round macarons using printable macaron templates.

Macaron templates will give you a set of uniformly shaped macarons that will let you sandwich your macarons together easily.

Some templates require you to pipe a forward and reverse template for the shape to have its matching partner when filling macarons.

Macarons with unique shapes like animals will require you add a little more detail to them after they have been baked and filled.

Tools for decorating macarons with templates

If you’re wanting to make macarons with fine details, you may need a few tools to create your specialty macarons.

How to use a macaron template

  1. Print out your macaron template on a sheet of plain paper. The template acts as a tracer for you to pipe your macaron batter inside the lines.
  2. Place the macaron template underneath your silicone mat or parchment paper fitted on a baking pan. You’ll have to move the template as you pipe more designs on your baking sheet.
  3. Fill your piping bag with macaron batter fitted with a 1/2” tip.
  4. Begin piping your designs to fill the batter inside the lines of your template. If there are any sharp points, take a toothpick and gently guide the macaron batter into a point.
  5. Remove the template from underneath your silicone mat or parchment paper once you’ve piped all of your macarons.
  6. Remove the air bubbles from the macarons by banging the bottom of the baking pan.
  7. Bake your macarons for the time required in your recipe.

Printable 1.5” macaron template

Bake macarons using a printable 1.5″ size macaron template.

These macarons are not too big, therefore you’ll easily pipe 40 macarons using this template.

Feel free to pipe the macarons closer together if you feel comfortable. Move the template underneath your silicone mat as needed to pipe all of your macarons.

printable 1.5 macaron template

Heart Macaron Template

Heart macarons are easy to pipe and create a beautiful gift.

To make the point shape of the heart macarons, use a toothpick to guide the macaron batter into a point to create the heart shaped macaron.

how to make heart macarons

Heart macarons can be decorated using sprinkles, melted chocolate, or caramel sauce.

Learn how to make heart macarons.

heart shaped macaron printable template

Unicorn macaron template

Unicorn macarons require you to pipe your macarons in the lines of the template, and then go back with a toothpick to finish off the horn.

Guide the horn of the unicorn into the lines of the template by gently touching the macaron batter with the toothpick and placing it into a point.

Learn how to make unicorn macarons.

how to make gold unicorn macarons

Unicorn macarons need a few sprinkles added to the forehead prior to baking.

After unicorn macarons have baked in the oven, the horn is painted gold, and the eyes and eyelashes are painted with an edible marker.

unicorn macaron template

Bear macaron template

Bear macarons can be made into different colors using gel food coloring. You can make a polar bear, yellow bear, or brown bear to fit the theme of your macarons.

Bear macarons are decorated using an edible marker to create the facial markings.

Learn how to make bear macarons.

Pig macaron template

Pig macarons are made by coloring the macaron batter with pink gel food coloring.

After the pig macarons are piped, the macaron batter is guided into a point using a toothpick to create the pointed ears of the pig.

Once the macarons are baked and filled, the ears are painted with the same color pink with a bit of almond extract to create a dual colored macaron. The coloring is much more concentrated, therefore it creates a darker pink shade.

The facial features of the pig macarons are made using an edible marker.

Learn how to make pig macarons.

pig macaron template

Teddy Bear Macaron Template

Teddy bear macarons are piped in 3 sections. The teddy bear will have a clear separation for the face to the body, and a nose that sits outward on the face of the teddy bear.

Learn how to make teddy bear macarons.

teddy bear macaron template

Bee macaron template

Bee macarons need to be piped in forward and reverse templates so they can be easily pressed together.

The stinger of the bee is made by using a toothpick to guide the macaron batter into a sharp point.

Learn how to make bee macarons.

Bee macarons have their wings painted with melted white chocolate to give the wings a white textured look to them.

The stripes of the bee macarons are made using an edible marker, as well as the eyes and antennae.

Forward bee template

Reverse bee template

bee macaron printable templates

Dog macaron template

Dog macarons need to be piped in 2 sections to allow the macaron batter to have a bit of separation in between the face and the ears.

The facial features of the dog are made by using an edible marker.

Learn how to make dog macarons.

dog shaped macaron template

Truck Macaron Template

Truck macarons are made by piping the truck macaron body first.

After you’ve piped all of the truck bodies, the wheels are piped onto the truck body.

Use a toothpick if needed to guide the macaron batter into the lines of the macaron template.

Sprinkle a bit of cookie crumble to create the dirt look in the bed of the truck.

Learn how to make truck macarons.

truck macarons