How Fine should Almond Flour be for Macarons

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Almond flour needs to be sifted and very fine before using it for macarons. You can see how grainy the almond flour is before it’s been sifted.

how does a sifter work with almond flour

You can see the difference in the texture of the almond flour after it has been sifted. The texture is much finer and lighter. Almond flour needs to be crumbly and easily be rubbed with your finger tips.

How Fine should Almond Flour be for Macarons

There is a difference in how fine your almond flour is depending on which one you’re using for your recipe. You can find almond flour that specifically indicates it’s superfine. It’s best to use an almond flour that is already fine to begin with. Then you don’t have to grind the almond flour any smaller using a food processor.

To remove any clumps in your almond flour before using them for macarons, sift the almond flour right before using it. It’s easier to sift almond flour using a colander with a medium mesh, over a sifter with a fine mesh. Learn how to sift almond flour faster. See video here.

How Fine should Almond Flour be for Macarons

A colander can remove the large clumps that form in almond flour. You don’t need to use a fine mesh sieve in order to the the almond flour thin enough. A colander works well and is much faster than using a sifter.