6 Pink Macaron Flavor Ideas

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Pink macarons are a soft, delicate color of macaron.

Pink macarons can be colored using a little pink gel food coloring or pink powdered food coloring.

The intensity of the color depends on how much food coloring you put in.

pink macaron flavors

The food coloring will need to be stretched to cover the entire meringue that you’re adding to your macarons to make the shells.

Therefore, make sure you put more food coloring than you think you’ll need if you’re going for a vibrant pink color.

You can even shape your pink macarons into a heart to make them look a little more special if you’re making them for a gift.

pink macaron flavor ideas

Strawberry Macarons

Strawberry macarons are made by adding a little pink gel food coloring to the macaron batter.

There are 2 fillings for strawberry macarons. The first is a cream cheese vanilla frosting that is piped in a ring around the shell of the macaron.

The center of the macaron is filled with strawberry jam for a burst of strawberry cream flavor.

pink macaron flavor recipe ideas

White Chocolate Rose Macarons

White chocolate rose macarons are made by adding vanilla bean paste to the macaron shell batter.

For a bit of added decoration, you can add dried rose petals to the top of the macaron shells, right after piping them. They will make your macarons looked eye catching with it’s textured look.

The filling is made by adding rose water, and melted white chocolate to a buttercream base frosting.

To decorate the macarons, you can add a little more melted white chocolate and streak it on the top of the macaron shells. You can add a few more dried rose petals or sprinkles that will stick onto the melted white chocolate.

Raspberry Macarons

Raspberry macarons are made with a buttercream based filling.

The buttercream is mixed with raspberry jam to create a raspberry buttercream macaron filling.

If you’re wanting a more concentrated burst of flavor, add a bit of jam to the center of the raspberry macaron.

pink macaron flavors

Watermelon Macarons

Watermelon macarons can be made by coloring the shells a vibrant pink color.

Watermelon macarons are filled with a cream cream frosting that has watermelon flavoring added to it.

The outside of the macarons can be painted with a black edible marker to create the look of seeds on your pink macarons.

You can even paint the edges green for a full watermelon macaron look.

Grapefruit Macarons

Grapefruit macarons are made by adding grapefruit zest to the macaron batter.

The grapefruit filling for macarons is made by adding grapefruit zest and grapefruit juice to a buttercream base frosting.

Cotton Candy Macarons

Cotton candy macarons are made by adding cotton candy food flavoring and pink gel food coloring to macaron batter.

The center filling is a cotton candy white chocolate ganache. Cotton candy food flavoring is added to hot cream and white chocolate to create this deliciously sweet and fun flavor of macarons.

pink macaron flavor filling recipes