7 Crunchy Cake Base Ideas

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If you’re a looking for a crunchy cake base for your next baking adventure, you’ll want to pick a cake crust that is either baked first before adding any toppings onto it, or one that has a crunchy layer inside of it.

Cake crusts that are crunchy have either nuts, cookies, or feuilletine mixed into them.

Chocolate Feuilletine

Chocolate feuilletine cake base is a crunchy chocolate cake base you can use with in desserts like intricate entremet cakes.

Chocolate feuilletine is made by first making crispy feuilletine using a dough similar to crepe batter.

As soon as the feuilletine is cooled, it can be broken up into pieces.

crunchy cake base ingredients

To make the chocolate crunchy cake base, combine hazelnut crumbs, feuilletine pieces, and melted dark and milk chocolate in a bowl and mix together until it’s combined.

Pour the cake layer into a springform pan, or a pan with raised edges, and let it sit in the fridge or freezer to fully set the cake crust.

Chocolate Feuilletine crunchy Cake Base

Oreo Cookie Crust

Oreo cookie crust is a sweet, crunchy, cookie crust for a cake crust.

Oreo cookie crust is made by crushing Oreo’s into small pieces using a rolling pin, or blending them in a food processor.

The small bits of Oreo’s are mixed together with melted butter to create the cookie crust.

The cookie crust is pressed into a springform pan, and then you can refrigerate the cake crust, or bake it in the oven to let it set.

Oreo cookie crunchy cake base

Vanilla Wafer Crust

Vanilla wafer crust has a crunchy, vanilla flavoring cake base.

Vanilla wafers can be blended in a food processor until they are quite fine, and then combine with melted butter to create a vanilla cake base.

Press the crust into the bottom of a springform pan, or cake pan.

Vanilla wafer cake base is baked in the oven to let it set.

vanilla wafer crunchy Cake Base

Praline Feuillentine Cake Base

Praline feuilletine is a crunchy cake base used in fancy bakery cakes.

Feuilletines are crispy wafers that give the cake base it’s crunchy texture.

Feuilletines are made by mixing together equal parts egg whites, flour, icing sugar, and butter and baking it in the oven until it’s golden brown.

The feuilletine is then broken up into small pieces that will be mixed into the cake base.

Praline paste is made by creating a caramel sauce, and then adding in roasted hazelnuts at the end of the caramel making process.

The caramel and hazelnuts are blended together until it creates a paste. The praline flavor gives the cake base a nutty and caramel flavor.

To make praline cake crust, mix together melted milk chocolate, praline paste, and feuilletine pieces.

Pour praline feuilletine into your cake base and let it set in the freezer for a couple of hours prior to using.

Praline Feuillentine crunchy Cake Base

Chocolate Base

Chocolate cake base is a chocolatey, crunchy cookie base for a cake crust.

Chocolate cake base is made by crushing chocolate wafer cookies, and mixing them together with melted butter.

The chocolate cake crust is pressed into a springform pan, and then it’s baked in the oven to set the crust.

chocolate wafer crunchy cake base

Walnut Crust

Walnut crust is a sweet and crunchy cookie base for a cake.

Walnuts are blended in a food processor until they are fine like a powder.

Shortbread cookies are crushed with a rolling pin, and then they are combined with the walnuts, sugar, and melted butter.

Walnut cake crust is pressed into the springform pan, and it’s ready to use.

You don’t need to bake or chill the crust.

Graham Cracker Crust

Graham cracker crust is a buttery, cookie flavored cake base.

Graham cracker crumbs are mixed together with sugar and melted butter to create the crunchy cake crust.

The graham cracker mixture is pressed into the springform pan or cake pan, and then it’s baked in the oven to set the crust.

graham cracker crunchy cake base