How to Make Chocolate Spirals

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To make your own chocolate spirals at home, you’ll need a potato peeler, and your choice of chocolate. Select a piece of chocolate that has a long edge to it – at least 2-3”. This because, the only the chocolate edge, the bigger your chocolate spiral will be.

See video here.

How to Make Chocolate Spirals

Remove your chocolate from it’s packaging, hold the chocolate in your hand so the longer edge is on top. Holding the chocolate steady, go in a quick motion by using the potato peeler to peel away from the chocolate to create a chocolate spiral. You should get the hang of it after a couple of chocolate spirals.

Experiment with different speeds to see how fast you ideally need to go.

For a shorter chocolate spiral, use the shorter end of the chocolate.

Make sure your fingers are no where near the potato peeler is going to go when you’re peeling the chocolate layers away. Even though potato peelers are not that sharp, it does still have the potential to cut you if you’re not careful.